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WCM Investment Management LLC Trims Stock Holdings in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (NYSE:TSM)

by Janessa Lee

WCM Investment Management LLC has reduced its stake in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (NYSE:TSM) by 44.9% during the second quarter, according to a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm sold 11,450 shares of the semiconductor company’s stock and now owns 14,024 shares, which are valued at approximately $1,421,000. This move by WCM Investment Management reflects a cautious approach to its investment in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing.

In addition to WCM Investment Management, other institutional investors and hedge funds have also bought and sold shares of the company. Macquarie Group Ltd. increased its stake in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing by a staggering 9,912.6% during the first quarter. FMR LLC also boosted its stake by 50.8% during the same period, while Renaissance Technologies LLC and Morgan Stanley increased their stakes by 28,278.4% and 27.7% respectively. Moneta Group Investment Advisors LLC saw the biggest increase in stake, growing it by an impressive 108,945.8%. Overall, hedge funds and institutional investors own 16.51% of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing’s stock.

Analysts have recently commented on the company, with one research report downgrading the stock from “buy” to “hold.” However, StockNews.com maintains that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing has a “moderate buy” rating with an average target price of $108.33. Despite this, the company’s stock has experienced some volatility, opening at $85.64 on Friday, with a 50-day moving average price of $94.04 and a 200-day moving average price of $93.84. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing has a market capitalization of $444.16 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of 14.13, and a beta of 1.07.

In terms of performance, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing reported earnings of $1.14 per share for the second quarter, surpassing analysts’ consensus estimates by $0.07. The company also generated revenue of $15.68 billion, exceeding expectations of $15.52 billion. With a return on equity of 32.08% and a net margin of 43.31%, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing is expected to post 4.82 earnings per share for the current fiscal year.

Furthermore, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing recently declared a quarterly dividend that will be paid in January 2023. Investors of record on December 15, 2022, will receive a dividend of $0.4724 per share. This represents an annualized dividend of $1.89 and a yield of 2.21%. The firm’s dividend payout ratio (DPR) is 24.59%.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, together with its subsidiaries, manufactures, packages, tests, and sells integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices. The company provides complementary metal oxide silicon wafer fabrication processes for logic, mixed-signal, radio frequency, and embedded memory semiconductors.

Overall, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing continues to be an important player in the semiconductor industry, despite recent changes in ownership and analyst ratings. With its impressive financial performance and strong standing in the market, the company is well-positioned for future growth.

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