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United Airlines passenger shares experience plunging 28K feet aboard plane

by Mark Mendoza

Title: United Airlines Passenger Shares Terrifying Experience During In-Flight Nosedive


In a harrowing incident that left passengers in sheer panic, a Jersey City artist recently recounted her terrifying experience aboard a United Airlines flight that unexpectedly plummeted nearly 30,000 feet in just 10 minutes. The incident has left the traveler shaken and questioning her sense of safety on future flights.

The Tumultuous Journey

Tato Lovere, a 47-year-old artist, was aboard United Airlines Flight 510 from Newark to Rome with her boyfriend when the nightmare unfolded. Shortly after takeoff at 9:20 p.m., the aircraft’s captain and stewardesses began to repeatedly address the passengers, alerting them to potential issues with the plane.

Lovere described the scene as chaos ensued, with passengers looking at each other, searching for answers without uttering a word. The sheer terror of the situation gripped everyone on board as they realized that their lives were in immediate jeopardy.

A Text of Love in Times of Panic

As the plane nosedived, Lovere took action, sending a heartfelt text message to her daughter, assuring her of her love without causing unnecessary fear. In the midst of the chaotic cabin, Lovere’s daughter anxiously tracked the plane’s movements online, witnessing her mother’s flight inexplicably spinning in circles over Halifax.

United Airlines’ Response

Ultimately, the plane’s captain made an announcement, indicating that the aircraft might need to land in Halifax due to an emergency. However, it was later revealed that the plane had begun to dump fuel and was rerouted back to Newark Liberty International Airport. The flight made a safe landing just before 12:30 a.m.

At the airport gate, Lovere captured a video in which a United captain informed the passengers that a “6 or 8 inch hole on the side of the airplane” had caused the pressurization issue.

United Airlines stated that the aircraft had returned to Newark Liberty International Airport to address a possible loss of cabin pressure. However, according to the airline, there was never any actual loss of cabin pressure.

The Aftermath

Although Lovere and her boyfriend were rebooked on the next available flight to Rome, the traumatic experience has left a lasting impact on their sense of security while flying. Lovere admitted that she would now be on edge during future flights, constantly checking windows and feeling anxious.


The harrowing experience recounted by Tato Lovere aboard a United Airlines flight serves as a stark reminder that air travel, despite numerous advancements and safety measures, can still be a source of fear and uncertainty. This incident highlights the importance of maintaining and ensuring the highest levels of safety in the aviation industry, while also acknowledging the psychological impact such incidents can have on passengers.

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