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UK’s Metro Bank shares suspended multiple times after plunging more than 25%

by Mark Mendoza

Shares of British bank Metro Bank experienced significant volatility on Thursday, with trading temporarily suspended twice during the day. The stock dropped more than 29% from its closing price on Wednesday before slightly recovering following the suspension. The London Stock Exchange confirmed that the circuit breaker mechanisms were triggered due to the extent of the rapid decline.

Reports surfaced indicating that Metro Bank was attempting to raise £600 million ($727 million) in both debt and equity, leading to the market speculation and subsequent share price drop. The news raised concerns about the bank’s financial stability, particularly given its market capitalization of less than £100 million.

In response to the rumors, Metro Bank issued a statement explaining that the company is presently considering options to bolster its capital resources and is primarily focused on a £350 million bond set to mature in October 2025. The bank did not provide additional details about its capital-raising plans.

Investors reacted to the news by trading over 1.6 million shares immediately after the market opened on Thursday, a significantly higher volume compared to the average hourly trading of less than 100,000 shares. This heightened activity reflects the level of uncertainty surrounding Metro Bank’s future and the potential impact on its shareholders.

Metro Bank’s shares have already suffered a significant decline since mid-February, losing approximately two-thirds of their value. This recent turmoil adds to the challenges faced by the bank, which has also endured a scandal involving accounting errors in 2019.

The development underscores the fragility of the banking sector, particularly for challenger banks like Metro Bank, which have faced difficulties in competing with more established institutions. The current economic climate, characterized by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on businesses and consumers, further exacerbates the challenges faced by financial institutions.

Metro Bank will likely face increased scrutiny and pressure as it seeks to navigate these uncertain times. The bank’s ability to successfully raise capital and stabilize its financial position will be critical in restoring investor confidence and ensuring its long-term viability.

In conclusion, Metro Bank’s shares experienced significant volatility on Thursday, prompting trading suspensions and a sharp decline in value. The bank is now contemplating options to strengthen its capital resources in light of rumors regarding a potential capital raise. The outcome of these efforts will influence Metro Bank’s ability to restore stability and reassurance to investors amid a challenging economic environment.

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