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ThPA S.A.: Strategic Investment in the Port of Volos

by Janessa Lee

ThPA S.A. Acquires Majority Stake in Volos Port Authority S.A.

The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) has announced that ThPA S.A. (Thessaloniki Port Authority) has been selected as the preferred investor for the acquisition of a 67% stake in “Volos Port Authority S.A.”, the managing company of the Port of Volos. The deal was settled at a price of 51 million euros.

This decision by the HRADF Board of Directors comes after a thorough market analysis and an evaluation of the potential growth prospects of the Volos port. ThPA S.A.’s participation in the HRADF tender aligns with the company’s strategic goals of developing and providing a multi-gateway intermodal network and logistics solutions for the Balkans and the broader Southeast, Central, and Eastern European region.

By expanding its activities through the acquisition of Volos Port Authority S.A., ThPA S.A. aims to better serve the needs of both the Central and Northern Greece market and the international market. This move is expected to create added value for the Greek economy and society.

ThPA S.A. has been actively involved in the management of the Port of Thessaloniki, the largest port in Greece and the Balkans. With this new acquisition, the company will be able to leverage its expertise to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations at the Port of Volos.

The Port of Volos is strategically located and plays a vital role in the transportation of goods, both domestically and internationally. The acquisition by ThPA S.A. is expected to bring significant benefits to the port and its stakeholders.

ThPA S.A. has a proven track record in the management and development of ports. It has implemented a number of successful projects and initiatives at the Port of Thessaloniki, contributing to the economic growth and competitiveness of the region. With its experience and expertise, ThPA S.A. is well-positioned to drive the growth and development of the Port of Volos.

The acquisition of Volos Port Authority S.A. is a significant milestone for ThPA S.A. and marks a new phase in the company’s expansion and development plans. The company’s strategic focus on creating a robust and efficient intermodal network will contribute to the overall economic development of Greece and the wider European region.

In conclusion, ThPA S.A.’s acquisition of a majority stake in Volos Port Authority S.A. is a testament to the company’s commitment to expanding its operations and strengthening its position as a leading port operator. This move is expected to bring positive outcomes for both ThPA S.A. and the Port of Volos, benefiting the Greek economy and society as a whole.

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