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Thousands pack into S.F.’s Sunset District’s first night market

by Clarence Jones

Three years ago, the idea of a bustling night market in San Francisco’s Sunset District would have seemed impossible. But last Friday night, that’s exactly what happened. Inspired by the night markets of Taipei, the inaugural Sunset Night Market took place, attracting thousands of people, performers, and food vendors to three blocks of Irving Street.

Supervisor Joel Engardio, who represents the Sunset District, described the event as beyond expectation. The massive turnout showed how eager people were to reclaim their streets and create a vibrant San Francisco. Engardio, along with Chef Martin Yan and Mayor London Breed, recognized the significance of the event and its positive impact on the local community.

For residents like Peg Tran, attending the night market required some strategic planning. Tran managed to secure a table with her 1.5-year-old son while her husband braved the long lines for delicious food offerings such as gumbo and mini dumplings. The event provided a unique opportunity for families to enjoy a night out together in a family-friendly environment.

The night market was not only a hit with residents but also had a tremendous positive effect on local businesses. Nearly every establishment had lines out the door, showcasing the economic benefits of such events. Independent artist Fili Mauai, who sells his drawings as pins, keychains, and stickers, noted that the foot traffic at the market surpassed any craft fair he had attended in the Bay Area. The diverse audience attracted by the market allowed vendors to reach a new group of customers, exposing them to unique products.

Engardio, who got the idea for the night market during a trip to Taiwan, emphasized that the market’s success was due to its reflection of the diverse Sunset District community. As he stated, San Francisco is a unique place that embraces inclusivity, allowing everyone to call it home. Engardio’s husband, Lionel Hsu, who immigrated from Taipei, expressed his love for the city and how the night market represents the sense of home for him.

The success of the Sunset Night Market has laid the foundation for future night markets not only in the Sunset District but also throughout the city. Engardio envisions monthly markets in different parts of the neighborhood, with even more vendors and food options to accommodate the growing crowds. The aim is to create a bigger and more vibrant experience for the community.

The Sunset Night Market has proven to be more than just a food festival; it has become a symbol of community, economic stimulation, and joy for the people of San Francisco. With its success and the desire for more, the city can look forward to more exciting night market experiences in the future.

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