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by Joshua Garcia

The Mortgage: A Poetic Reflection on Financial Hardship

In today’s world, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We often forget about the struggles that others face, especially those in the agricultural industry. As we head into the fall season, it’s a stark reminder that not all harvests are abundant and prosperous. In fact, many hardworking farmers and ranchers are facing financial trouble due to a poor harvest.

One poet, Will Carlton, captured the melancholy of this situation in a poem simply titled “The Mortgage.” Although the date of its writing is unknown, it resonates with readers even today. It serves as a reminder that while the crops may fail, the mortgage continues to thrive with a financial life of its own.

The poem speaks to the relentless and unforgiving nature of a mortgage. It works tirelessly, even harder than the farmers themselves, never taking a break. It looms over them, constantly reminding them of its presence and power. It watches their every move, ruling their lives with an iron fist.

As the farmers face challenges like rust, blight, weevils, and cutworms, the mortgage remains unyielding. While these natural obstacles may come and go, the mortgage remains a constant force, consuming everything in its path. It is as if it nails up every window and stands guard at every door, shutting out happiness and sunshine from their lives.

The mortgage becomes a weight on their shoulders, pushing them further into despair. Eventually, it leads to foreclosure and financial ruin, tearing families apart and claiming lives. It becomes a hidden sorrow, etched upon the broken hearts of those affected.

The poem concludes with a powerful statement. While farmers may face challenges such as worms, beetles, drought, and tempests, nothing compares to the destructive force of a mortgage. It is the ultimate agent of ruination, capable of thrusting a farmer into despair and leaving them with nothing.

After reading such a somber reflection on financial hardship, it’s important to find something that brings joy and light. In the author’s case, he finds solace in his memories. He recalls a time when he was young and remembers the introduction to a beloved children’s program, “The Howdy Doody Show.” This brings back fond memories and serves as a reminder of his age, proving that he has lived through significant moments in history.

In conclusion, “The Mortgage” is a poignant poem that sheds light on the financial struggles faced by farmers and ranchers. It serves as a reminder of the relentless nature of a mortgage and the devastating impact it can have on individuals and families. However, amidst the hardships, there are always moments of joy and nostalgia that can bring comfort and solace.

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