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Tesla rolls out an updated Model Y in China but keeps the same starting price

by Mark Mendoza

Tesla’s China arm has announced the release of a new Model Y with design and performance tweaks, all while keeping the same starting price as before. This news comes from a WeChat post made by the company on Sunday morning. According to Reuters, this follows Tesla’s recent launch of the updated “Highland” Model 3 in China, which was also released in Europe last month.

The Chinese website for Tesla provides some details about the new Model Y. It now boasts a 0-100km/h time of 5.9 seconds, which is slightly faster than its predecessor, as noted in a Bloomberg report. Additionally, the car has new wheels and an ambient LED lighting strip in the dash, similar to the refreshed Model 3.

The starting price for the Model Y in China is 263,900 yuan (approximately $37,000). Tesla also offers a long-range version for 299,900 yuan (about $42,000) and a high-performance version for 349,900 yuan (about $49,000).

It is worth noting that Tesla has not announced the updated Model Y or the updated Model 3 for the US market at this time.

Tesla’s WeChat post announcing the updated Model Y included some cropped images. One of the images showcases the updated dashboard and wheels, while another highlights that most of the Model Y remains unchanged.

Overall, Tesla’s release of the updated Model Y in China demonstrates the company’s commitment to continuously improving its electric vehicle offerings. With design and performance tweaks and an unchanged starting price, the updated Model Y presents an enticing option for consumers interested in affordable electric SUVs.

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