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Stock market today : Live updates

by Mark Mendoza

Congress remains divided on budget negotiations as the deadline for reaching an agreement approaches. The federal budget is set to expire on September 30, and if Congress fails to reach a deal by October 1, the government will shut down.

The stalemate in Congress is primarily due to GOP hard-liners who refuse to budge on further spending cuts. This has created a deadlock in the negotiations, leaving the budget unresolved. House Republicans have even sent the chamber into recess, further delaying any progress in reaching an agreement.

The consequences of a government shutdown are significant and wide-reaching. Essential services would be affected, government employees would be furloughed, and many federal programs would come to a halt. The impact on the economy could be detrimental, with ripple effects felt across various industries.

Meanwhile, there is some positive news on the corporate front. Third-quarter earnings for S&P 500 companies are showing signs of improvement, according to FactSet senior earnings analyst John Butters. Earnings for these companies are forecasted to decline by only 0.2%, which is better than the initial projection of a 0.4% decrease.

This improvement is seen as a positive trend, breaking a four-quarter decline in earnings. The third-quarter decline in individual stock earnings estimates is also lower than the five-year and ten-year averages, indicating a more favorable outlook.

Of the 11 main sectors in the S&P 500, eight are expected to see higher year-over-year third-quarter earnings. Communication services and consumer discretionary companies are leading the way, while energy and materials sectors are expected to experience declines.

Looking ahead, earnings are projected to continue improving. Fourth-quarter S&P 500 profits are estimated to expand by 8.2% from last year, and 2024 is expected to see a 12.2% increase in earnings compared to a meager 1.1% in 2023.

Overall, the budget negotiations in Congress remain at an impasse, creating uncertainty about the future. However, the positive trend in corporate earnings provides a glimmer of hope for the economy. The outcome of the budget negotiations will have significant implications for both the government and corporate sectors, making it a critical issue to monitor in the coming days.

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