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San Francisco’s Sunset District night market debuts with food, art and music

by Clarence Jones

Sunset District in San Francisco is buzzing with excitement as the inaugural Sunset Night Market approaches. Local businesses, including the famed Hole in the Wall Pizza owned by Awadalla Awadalla, are gearing up for this special evening. The Night Market is set to transform the district into a vibrant and lively street party, attracting locals and visitors alike.

Awadalla, who has been serving delectable New York-style pizzas since 1997, is thrilled to have a booth at the Night Market. He is preparing a display, lights, and everything needed to stand out at the event. This opportunity allows him to showcase his pizzas to a larger audience and potentially attract new customers.

The Sunset Night Market is a significant event for the area, which has recently been plagued by an increase in crime that has affected business. Sam Kaleh, owner of a convenience store near Awadalla’s pizzeria, has personally experienced the impact of this issue. However, both Awadalla and Kaleh see the Night Market as a chance to change the atmosphere and boost the community’s morale.

Supervisor Joel Engardio, who organized the event, aims to create joy and celebrate the fun things in life through the Night Market. Inspired by the vibrant night markets in Taipei, Engardio realized that the Sunset District needed its own version. With the collaboration of local businesses, his vision has become a reality.

The Night Market will feature 70 stands offering a variety of food, games, and arts and crafts. Attendees can enjoy three entertainment stages with musical acts throughout the evening and even dance to the tunes of a DJ. This exciting street party aims to bring people together, make the streets safer, and give a boost to small businesses.

For Awadalla and Kaleh, the Night Market represents a great opportunity not only to showcase their offerings but also to generate extra income. Kaleh is preparing extra batches of his famous brownies to meet the expected demand during the event.

Overall, the Sunset Night Market promises to be a memorable evening filled with culinary delights, entertainment, and a vibrant community spirit. This event is a testament to the resilience and determination of the businesses in the Sunset District, proving that they can overcome challenges and create experiences that bring joy to the community.

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