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San Francisco power outage affects 8,000

by Mark Mendoza

Power Outage Leaves Thousands in San Francisco Without Electricity

Friday night, almost 9,000 customers in San Francisco experienced a power outage, according to PG&E’s outage map. The outage affected various areas, including Golden Gate Park, parts of the Sunset District, and Lower Haight. While power was restored to the majority of customers by 9:38 p.m., around 1,600 customers still remained without electricity.

The outage, which began at 7:12 p.m., left residents in the affected areas in the dark and without essential services. PG&E, the utility company responsible for providing power, has not yet provided a reason for the outage. However, their website indicated that they do not expect power to be fully restored until 2 p.m. on Saturday.

The sudden disruption caused inconvenience and concern among residents who were left without power. People rely on electricity for various aspects of their daily lives, from lighting and heating to cooking and communication. It is particularly problematic when outages occur during the nighttime hours or in adverse weather conditions.

Having no electricity not only affects individuals’ comfort and daily routines but can also pose safety risks. Without power, residents may struggle to access important medical equipment or be unable to properly refrigerate perishable items. In addition, streetlights and traffic signals may be inactive, contributing to potential hazards on the road.

Efforts are underway to address the situation and restore power to all affected customers as quickly as possible. Utility companies like PG&E work diligently to resolve outages promptly, but occasional delays may occur based on the complexity of the issue.

Residents are encouraged to stay updated on the progress of the restoration process through reliable news sources or the utility company’s official channels. It is essential to follow any instructions or safety guidelines provided by the authorities.

As with any developing story, further updates and details may emerge. It is advised to stay tuned to local news stations or visit their websites for the latest information.

Power outages are inevitable occurrences, and while they can be frustrating and disruptive, it is important to remember that utility companies are working diligently to get the power back on. Their efforts, combined with proper communication and preparation from residents, can help alleviate the impact of such events.

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