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Sacramento State, CapRadio at odds over financial woes

by Paul Morgan

CapRadio, a public radio station based in Sacramento, is facing financial troubles that have sparked a conflict between its Board of Directors and Sacramento State University. The board wants to hire a new general manager to help address the station’s financial issues, but the university claims it cannot afford the cost. According to a recent audit, CapRadio could be out of money to pay its debts by January, and as a nonprofit auxiliary of Sacramento State, any debt incurred by the station would ultimately become the university’s responsibility.

Despite opposition from the university, the board of directors voted in a closed meeting on Tuesday to proceed with hiring a new general manager. This decision has created tension and disagreement between the two entities. Sacramento State has appointed its Chief Financial Officer, Jonathan Bownan, as a CapRadio administrator to provide operational and financial oversight. However, the organization’s board of directors still holds the power to make hiring decisions and is trying to exercise that power.

The university argues that it cannot afford the new hire, which comes with a salary of over $300,000 plus benefits. Sac State insists that the radio station must pay for the new general manager’s compensation before relying on the university for reimbursement. In response, the university has refused to fund the new hire. Nataly Andrade-Dominguez, President of Sacramento State’s Associated Students Inc. and a student representative on CapRadio’s Board of Directors, opposes the decision to hire a new general manager. She believes it is not a responsible move and has called for the board officers to resign.

One major issue raised by Andrade-Dominguez is the lack of transparency in the decision-making process. She accuses the board of breaking public meeting rules, claiming they failed to give a 72-hour public notice that includes an agenda and did not properly follow protocols for moving from an open meeting to a closed session. In response to criticism over transparency and accountability, board officers have remained silent.

Following the closed meeting on Tuesday, the public has not been notified about the board’s choice for the new general manager, whether an offer letter has been sent, or which board members voted for or against the hire. In the meantime, Sacramento State has appointed an interim general manager to oversee CapRadio’s news and music programming.

The conflict between CapRadio’s Board of Directors and Sacramento State University highlights the challenges the station faces in addressing its financial troubles. As both entities strive to find a path forward, issues of transparency, accountability, and financial responsibility remain at the forefront. The future of CapRadio hangs in the balance, and it is uncertain how this conflict will ultimately be resolved.

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