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Rexburg Straw Maze building community & economy

by Stella Morgan

The Rexburg Straw Maze: A Growing Tradition

REXBURG, Idaho – They say it’s better to give more than you get, and that philosophy embodies the spirit of the Rexburg Straw Maze. Since its inception in 2007, this beloved attraction has been entertaining and scaring people in Madison County. Now, in 2023, the Straw Maze has expanded in size, adding new attractions and increasing its workforce.

The long-time Haunt Manager for the Straw Maze, Greg Schneider, shares that they are employing five times as many people as they were 17 years ago. It’s incredible growth for an event that started with only six or seven staff members who would jump on top of the bales to scare visitors. Schneider mentions, “Now we’re at a point where I’m sticking probably 35 plus monsters inside that maze.”

However, this increase in personnel isn’t limited to the scare team alone. The Straw Maze also hires people to man the ticket booth, run security, and handle the setup and tear down after the season ends. Schneider points out that this ability to provide employment is unique among seasonal attractions. He proudly states, “We pride ourselves in paying our haunters. A lot of them (other haunted attractions) operate on a volunteer basis, but fortunately, we’ve grown to a point where that’s not an issue for us.”

Schneider also emphasizes the positive impact of hiring local students on the Rexburg area’s economy. By injecting cash into the pockets of high school and college students, they are able to spend that money locally, thereby boosting the local economy.

Before anyone can start their work at the Rexburg Straw Maze, the maze itself must be assembled. Trent Munns, one of the masterminds behind this process, has perfected the maze assembly over his nine years of experience. He boasts, “I think my record for having the courtyard, the parking lot, and everything else done is three days. It’s a long three days.”

Munns believes that one of the reasons behind the Straw Maze’s success over the years is the strong sense of community cultivated by the owners. The relationships between the employees, vendors, and customers have created lasting bonds. Munns shares, “The relationships that all of us have created and gathered through the straw maze season, some of them are the strongest I’ve ever had.”

Every season has its challenges, but for Munns, the reward of seeing the growth and progress of the Straw Maze makes it all worth it. He exclaims, “It’s just been quite the ride to see the way we’ve progressed, going from a little tiny straw maze to growing into as big as we are now.”

If you’re looking for a thrilling and fun experience, the Rexburg Straw Maze is currently open until Halloween. However, the Haunted Straw Maze and Haunted Forest will not begin until October 6. For ticket prices, deals, and timing information, you can visit their website at strawmaze.com.

The Rexburg Straw Maze has become a beloved tradition in Madison County, bringing together the community, providing employment opportunities, and creating lasting memories for visitors. So, why not venture into the Straw Maze and embrace the spirit of giving more than you get this Halloween season?

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