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Real-World Passions Will Onboard the Next Wave of Crypto Adopters

by Janine Lindsey

The importance of real-life experiences in shaping one’s identity cannot be understated. It is these experiences that truly define who we are, rather than just our accomplishments or the labels attached to us. In the realm of Web3, however, there has been a lack of effective connection between our real-world activities and our online presence.

Digital identity in the Web3 space has been reduced to simply changing avatars or using new JPEGs on social media platforms. These attempts to bring passion audiences on-chain have been one-dimensional and often fall short due to the limitations of walled garden ecosystems.

To truly capture our holistic selves across virtual mediums, we need to broaden our approach to digital identity. Instead of focusing solely on tech-centric labels, we should place more emphasis on recording and displaying proofs of real-life experiences. This requires a shift in mindset – understanding why we should engage in this behavior and what we can do with these experiences once acquired.

The question of why this matters and how it drives mainstream adoption of crypto is crucial. We must recognize the potential value that digital identity can bring to mainstream consumers. Instead of trying to convince non-native consumers with complex technical solutions, we should focus on enriching existing behaviors and activities in key passion areas. This approach will resonate more with the general public and lead to wider adoption.

While NFTs initially started with collections of profile pictures, their evolution is now taking shape in a way that tokenizes real-world experiences. Although there is still progress to be made, the possibilities for how Web3 can revolutionize our concept of identity are exciting. It has the potential to unlock rewarding experiences across brands, artists, and communities.

As we move towards more integrated and meaningful digital presences, the layering of experiences around identity holds significant promise for onboarding the next wave of crypto adopters. By capturing and connecting our real-life experiences to our online presence, we can create a more authentic and enriching digital identity.

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