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Real Estate Sales Include Future Women’s Shelter | News, Sports, Jobs

by Kianna Warburton

Chautauqua Opportunities Inc., a non-profit organization based in Dunkirk, New York, has recently purchased a building at 303 Lafayette St. in Jamestown, with plans to convert it into a homeless shelter for women. The organization aims to start construction next spring, once they have secured all the necessary funding.

The purchase of the building marks a significant step forward for the proposed women’s shelter in Chautauqua County, as it is currently the only county without a shelter specifically for women. The new shelter will provide accommodation for single women aged 18 and over, offering a 30-day emergency shelter for those in need.

According to Josiah Lamp, a representative from Chautauqua Opportunities Inc., the organization has already secured most of the funding for the project thanks to support from state and local partners. They are now in the final stages of the pre-development phase and hope to begin construction in the spring.

Once completed, the shelter will be able to house up to 18 women at a time, providing them with a safe and supportive environment during their time of need. This initiative is a crucial step towards addressing the issue of homelessness among women in the area, ensuring that they have access to the resources and support they need to transition into stable housing situations.

In addition to the purchase of 303 Lafayette St., several other real estate transactions have been analyzed during the same time period. Notably, Westfield Brickhouse Properties, LLC acquired 60 Nicholas Ave. in Westfield village for $300,000, with plans to utilize it for future business opportunities.

Overall, these real estate transactions reflect a mix of residential and commercial investments in various locations across Chautauqua County. While the focus is on the purchase of a building for a women’s shelter, it is important to acknowledge the broader real estate landscape in the area and the potential economic impact of these transactions.

As Chautauqua Opportunities Inc. moves forward with its plans for the women’s shelter, it is hoped that this new facility will be a valuable resource for women facing homelessness in the county. By providing temporary housing and support services, the organization aims to help these women regain their independence and stability, ultimately improving their quality of life and creating a stronger, more inclusive community.

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