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Real estate firms give free San Jose space to kids-oriented nonprofit

by Kianna Warburton

Coastal Kids Home Care, a nonprofit organization that specializes in pediatric healthcare services, has received a generous donation from two Bay Area real estate firms. Republic Urban Properties and Essex Property Trust have provided Coastal Kids with free office space in San Jose, allowing the organization to better serve children with severe medical conditions.

The office space, located near downtown San Jose, is situated in a 268-unit apartment complex called Silver. Republic Urban and Essex Property Trust saw an opportunity to utilize the leasing office, which was not being used, and decided to offer it to a nonprofit or organization in need. Coastal Kids was the perfect candidate.

Margy Mayfield, co-founder of Coastal Kids, expressed her gratitude for the donated office space. She described it as a “beautiful oasis” for the staff to drop in, sit, and take phone calls. Mayfield explained that having a dedicated space makes a significant difference for their nurses and pediatrics professionals.

The collaboration between these real estate firms and Coastal Kids showcases a commitment to the community. Michael Van Every, president and managing partner of Republic Urban Properties, acknowledged the significance of Coastal Kids’ work and wanted to support their mission. By providing the office space, they are offering a professional setting for Coastal Kids to operate without the burden of rental expenses.

Renting an office space of this size would typically cost around $100,000 per year, but with the free donation, Coastal Kids can allocate their resources to further help the children they serve. Anne Morrison, general counsel for Essex Property Trust, mentioned that this initiative aligns with their company’s values of making a positive impact within the community.

With the main Coastal Kids offices in Salinas, the addition of the San Jose location significantly benefits their nurses who often have to travel long distances to reach their clients. Mayfield emphasized the convenience and improved service this new space provides. It allows them to have a central location for meetings and administrative work, as well as a comfortable spot for their nurses to rest during their demanding schedules.

The donated office space is well-equipped with necessary office supplies and equipment. Mayfield expressed her surprise and gratitude for the generosity shown by Republic Urban Properties. She had initially mentioned the idea of having access to an office space, and to her astonishment, they offered the entire office for free.

This donation from Republic Urban Properties and Essex Property Trust is a testament to their commitment to community-conscious initiatives. By supporting Coastal Kids Home Care, they are helping to create an environment where children with severe medical conditions can receive the essential care they need. The free office space has become a valuable asset for Coastal Kids, enabling them to continue their vital work in improving the lives of these children.

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