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READOUT: In New York, Deputy Secretary Adeyemo Convenes Roundtable Discussion with Senators Warner and Crapo on Community Finance Investments

by Janessa Lee

The Importance of Investments in Community Development Capital

Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo recently led a roundtable discussion at the New York Stock Exchange with Senators Mark Warner and Mike Crapo, where they discussed the significance of investments in community development capital. This gathering brought together industry leaders and bipartisan lawmakers to address economic inequality and enhance the impact of the Biden-Harris Administration’s initiatives.

Several legislations, including the American Rescue Plan Act, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, CHIPS Act, and Inflation Reduction Act, have provided the federal government with the opportunity to channel capital into communities that have long struggled to access the resources needed to create sustainable local economic engines. Specifically, these investments are aimed at benefiting underserved and marginalized communities, such as communities of color, low-income areas, rural regions, and Tribal communities.

The Biden-Harris Administration has made historic investments of over $8.5 billion in community development financial institutions (CDFIs) and minority depository institutions (MDIs) through the Emergency Capital Investment Program. This program aims to provide support and resources to these vital institutions that often serve as lifelines for small businesses and entrepreneurs in underserved communities.

Furthermore, the Small Business Credit Initiative has provided nearly $10 billion to support small businesses, recognizing their crucial role in driving economic growth and job creation. These investments are essential in promoting inclusive economic development and addressing long-standing disparities.

To complement these public efforts, Vice President Harris announced the formation of the Economic Opportunity Coalition (EOC), which consists of private sector companies and foundations committed to making historic investments in underserved communities. This collaboration aims to leverage private capital to further boost economic development and promote opportunities for communities that have been historically overlooked.

In June, Deputy Secretary Adeyemo, along with Senators Warner and Crapo, joined corporate and banking leaders to unveil a significant milestone. Members of the EOC successfully secured $1 billion in deposits into CDFIs and MDIs, indicating a strong commitment from the private sector to support community development initiatives.

The roundtable discussion highlighted the importance of fostering a coordinated partnership between the public and private sectors. By working together, the government and private companies can maximize the impact of their investments and address economic inequality more effectively. This collaborative approach ensures that resources are allocated strategically and that no communities are left behind in the pursuit of economic prosperity.

Investments in community development capital have the potential to transform communities and empower individuals. By providing access to affordable credit, counseling, and other financial services, CDFIs and MDIs play a crucial role in supporting entrepreneurship, homeownership, and wealth creation. These institutions are often deeply rooted in the communities they serve, allowing them to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of the people they support.

As the Biden-Harris Administration continues to prioritize investments in community development capital, it is crucial for policymakers, industry leaders, and community advocates to work hand in hand. By fostering collaboration and ensuring that resources are distributed equitably, we can lay a foundation for inclusive economic growth and create pathways to prosperity for all Americans. The roundtable discussion at the New York Stock Exchange serves as a testament to the commitment of both the public and private sectors in addressing economic disparities and building stronger communities across the nation.

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