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Re/Max Alliance adds mortgage services to portfolio – BizWest

by Joshua Garcia

Re/Max Alliance, a trade name for Alliance Real Estate Services LLC, has recently announced a joint venture with CMG Financial Inc., a mortgage banking firm headquartered in San Ramon, California. This joint venture, known as Home Mortgage Advisors, will operate in the states of Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

The purpose of this partnership is to offer homebuyers the opportunity to secure their mortgages through an entity related to their real estate brokerage. By bringing together the expertise of both companies, Home Mortgage Advisors aims to provide a seamless and comprehensive home buying experience for its clients.

According to Bill Goldberg, the president of Home Mortgage Advisors, this joint venture represents a transformative partnership that is dedicated to helping individuals and families achieve their homeownership dreams. He expressed excitement about the journey ahead, emphasizing that the collaboration between Re/Max Alliance and CMG Financial reflects their commitment to innovation, excellence, and prioritizing the needs of their customers.

With Home Mortgage Advisors, prospective homebuyers will have the convenience of working with a mortgage provider that operates in conjunction with their real estate brokerage. This integration can streamline the financing process, potentially saving customers time and ensuring a smoother transition to homeownership.

The joint venture’s focus on innovation and customer-centric service aligns with the current trends in the real estate and mortgage industries. By leveraging technology and combining resources, Re/Max Alliance and CMG Financial aim to deliver unparalleled support and assistance to their clients.

However, it’s important to note that the complete details of the joint venture and the specific benefits it offers to customers are not included in the available information. The article ends abruptly, with the remaining content only accessible to subscribers.

In conclusion, Re/Max Alliance and CMG Financial’s joint venture, Home Mortgage Advisors, aims to provide homebuyers in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington with an integrated and efficient mortgage experience. By aligning their strengths in the real estate and mortgage sectors, these companies strive to help individuals and families fulfill their homeownership dreams. With the increasing emphasis on innovation and customer satisfaction in these industries, this joint venture has the potential to significantly impact the homebuying process positively.

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