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Ramp from Market Street to southbound I-83 bridge to be closed

by Clarence Jones

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has announced the closure of the ramp from Market Street (Route 462) to the bridge carrying southbound Interstate 83 over Market Street in York County. This closure comes after a routine bridge inspection revealed deterioration of a damaged steel beam under the ramp/merge lane.

The damaged beam is a result of a prior vehicle impact that has worsened since the last inspection. As a precautionary measure, PennDOT has decided to close the merge lane and shoulder on the southbound I-83 bridge, as well as the ramp from Market Street to southbound I-83. However, the off-ramp from southbound I-83 to Market Street will remain open.

This closure and lane restriction are anticipated to be in effect by 7 p.m. tonight. A detour will be implemented for the ramp from Market Street to southbound I-83, utilizing Belmont Street to southbound I-83. PennDOT is currently analyzing the extent of the damage and developing a repair plan.

To stay updated on road conditions and any potential delays, motorists are advised to visit www.511PA.com, a website provided by PennDOT. This platform offers real-time traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, traffic speed information, and access to over 1,000 traffic cameras. It is free and available 24 hours a day.

The closure of this ramp and lane restriction on the I-83 bridge serves as an important reminder of the importance of infrastructure maintenance and inspections. Regular inspections are crucial in identifying any deterioration or damage that may compromise the safety of motorists. By addressing these issues promptly, PennDOT ensures the longevity and reliability of Pennsylvania’s transportation network.

As PennDOT works on repairing the damaged steel beam and reopening the ramp and merge lane, it is essential that motorists exercise caution and follow designated detour routes. Adhering to safety guidelines will not only prevent accidents but also help expedite the repair process.

Pennsylvania residents and commuters can trust that PennDOT will prioritize the repair of this vital transportation link. In the meantime, maintaining awareness of road conditions and utilizing tools like www.511PA.com will greatly assist motorists in planning their journeys and avoiding unnecessary delays.

The closure of the ramp from Market Street to southbound I-83 is temporary, and PennDOT will provide updates on the progress of the repair work and any changes to the closure. Until then, motorists are encouraged to stay informed and stay safe on the roads.

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