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Raising Grandkids? Five Financial Considerations

by Paul Morgan

Raising grandchildren later in life is a scenario that many grandparents are finding themselves in. This unexpected turn of events can have significant financial implications, especially if you had plans for early retirement and a comfortable lifestyle. Here are some financial considerations to help you navigate this new phase of late-life parenthood.

1. Figure out a long-term financial plan: The cost of raising a child is substantial, so it’s crucial to ensure you can shoulder these expenses while still funding your retirement. Use financial planning tools to analyze your progress toward reaching your retirement goals and adjust your budget accordingly. Consider working with a financial advisor who understands your needs beyond finances.

2. Decide whether to pursue guardianship or adoption: Consult an attorney to determine the best legal approach for your situation. If the parents are permanently unavailable, adoption may be the best fit. However, adoption can be costly, so be prepared to cover legal fees. If the parents are temporarily incapacitated, guardianship may be a more affordable option.

3. Shift to a parental mindset: As grandparents, you may have been used to spoiling your grandchildren. However, when taking on the role of raising them, a shift in mindset is necessary to prioritize your retirement savings and financial goals.

4. Explore financial resources: Evaluate the estate of your grandchildren’s parents to see if there are any insurance policies or assets that can cover child-rearing expenses. You can also consider using the lifetime gift exemption to grant money or assets to your grandchildren without incurring gift taxes.

5. When in doubt, ask for help: Don’t hesitate to seek financial assistance and guidance from relatives, organizations, and government institutions. There is more support available than you may think. Reach out to the state organization responsible for child welfare in your community, check with your employer for benefits that can help ease the cost of raising your grandchildren, and explore grants and scholarships for their college education.

Taking on the role of a parent in your golden years is not a setback; it’s a new chapter in your life. By keeping these financial considerations in mind and making necessary adjustments, you can ensure that both your retirement savings and your grandchildren’s well-being are taken care of. Seek advice from legal and financial professionals to navigate this challenging but rewarding journey.

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