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Pulse Check on Receivables Finance.”

by Paul Morgan
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The livestream, hosted by Deepesh Patel, chief editor at Trade Finance Global, brings together a panel of industry experts to discuss various aspects of trade finance. Ahmed Attout from the African Development Bank Group will discuss the role of development banks in trade finance, Kanayo Awani from Afreximbank will explore the challenges and opportunities of receivables finance in Africa, Hani Salem Sonbol from the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation will examine the implications of Shariah financing in receivables finance, and Peter Mulroy, secretary general of FCI, will address the legal frameworks essential for the global acceleration of receivables finance.

The session aims to delve into the complexities of receivables finance in Africa, examining its historical roots, the legal frameworks governing it, and the role of development banks in shaping its future. The discussion will also touch on key themes from FCI’s 55th Annual Meeting, such as the impact of recent events like the Greensill collapse on credit insurance and funds.

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