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Property, liability insurance costs are going up | News

by Cedric Guzman

Insurance Rates to Increase in Randolph County

Randolph County Commissioners have recently approved an extension of the county’s property, liability, and worker’s compensation insurance policy through The Thompson Group. This move comes as insurance rates across various sectors are on the rise.

Jentry Flesher, an insurance expert, explained that some areas of insurance have seen an increase of up to 20%, attributing inflation as a major factor. For Randolph County, the increases in property insurance were more moderate, at about 15%.

As a result of the increasing rates, Flesher proposed an overall increase of approximately 9% for Randolph County’s insurance policy, bringing the total cost up to $442,317 from the current $406,321. This proposal was approved by Commissioners Mike Wickersham, Gary Friend, and Gary Girton.

In addition to this decision, the commissioners also agreed to accept the transfer of a piece of property in Farmland for the construction of a new Randolph County Emergency Medical Service base. County attorney Meeks Cockeril will be responsible for working on the contract for the real estate transfer.

During the same meeting, the commissioners proclaimed October 2, 2023, as Jane Grove Day in Randolph County. Grove, the Randolph County recorder, was awarded the prestigious 2023 Arthur R. Himsel Award by the Association of Indiana Counties.

Furthermore, the commissioners recommended that the Randolph County Council approve $51,500 in economic development funds from renewable energy projects to support parks projects in Parker City.

Several other decisions were made at the meeting, including an expenditure of $674 to extend WiFi to the basement of the Randolph County Center for Family Opportunity for adult education classes. Additionally, claims totaling $1,068,451.34 were approved for payment, and various reimbursements for the clerk’s office were also given the green light.

Health department fees were updated for 2024, with changes including an increase in birth certificate fees from $10 to $15, full-year food permits from $70 to $85, and septic permits from $85 to $100. New fees were also introduced for permits related to services like tattoos, eyelash extensions, and derma planing.

The commissioners also discussed various projects and equipment expenditures for the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department, including new bullet-proof vests, additional cameras in the jail, and kitchen equipment.

Addressing other matters, the commissioners mentioned the need to explore backup options for the county coroner’s office in case upgrades at the current location on St. Vincent Randolph Hospital property are not feasible. They also praised the work of the health department sanitarian, Eric Devin.

Lastly, an executive session was scheduled for October 9, 1 p.m., to discuss an upcoming economic development project.

While insurance rates are on the rise in Randolph County, the commissioners are making strategic decisions to ensure the county is well-prepared for future challenges in a variety of areas.

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