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PRESS DIGEST- Financial Times – Oct. 6

by Paul Morgan

Title: Metro Bank explores options for its mortgage book, Thames Water seeks regulatory changes, and Graphcore seeks new funds


In today’s Financial Times, several noteworthy headlines suggest a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities for different players in the financial sector. Metro Bank, seeking to bolster its balance sheet, is considering selling a portion of its mortgage book, while Thames Water emphasizes the need for regulatory changes to attract investor confidence. Additionally, the advanced semiconductor company Graphcore is looking to secure new capital amid increasing losses. Though Reuters does not verify these stories, they provide valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of the financial landscape.

Metro Bank’s Strategic Move Amid News of Capital Raising:

Metro Bank’s chair has engaged with rival institutions regarding the potential sale of one-third of its mortgage book. This measure aims to fortify the bank’s balance sheet as it endeavors to raise up to £600 million ($730.98 million) from investors. By reducing its exposure to mortgages, Metro Bank intends to enhance its financial stability and reassure stakeholders about its long-term sustainability. This move reflects the bank’s commitment to navigate challenges and regain stability after a turbulent period characterized by regulatory breaches.

Thames Water Appeals for Regulatory Changes to Attract Investors:

In its bid to address mounting debt and attract crucial equity investment, Thames Water is calling for regulatory alterations. The company seeks a limit on pollution fines and an increase in permitted returns. These changes would ultimately enhance shareholders’ faith in the utility company’s prospects, putting it in a more favorable position to secure the much-needed investment. Thames Water’s proactive approach highlights the importance of regulatory flexibility in promoting investor confidence and facilitating financial recovery.

Graphcore Seeks Fresh Capital Amid Financial Woes:

Graphcore, an innovative semiconductor company, has faced declining revenue and mounting losses in recent times. As a result, the company has expressed the urgent need to secure new funding from investors within the next few months. Despite its formidable technological advancements and ambitious plans for growth, Graphcore’s financial performance has contributed to the urgency for additional capital. This development underscores the challenging landscape for startups and the importance of consistent financial stability.


Today’s Financial Times provides valuable insights into the evolving financial landscape. Metro Bank’s exploration of options related to its mortgage book, Thames Water’s appeals for regulatory changes, and Graphcore’s quest for fresh capital demonstrate the need for adaptation and resilience amidst diverse challenges. Whether it involves streamlining operations, seeking regulatory adjustments, or attracting new investments, these stories serve as a reminder of the importance of strategic decision-making and financial prudence in an ever-changing business environment.

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