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Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company™, Announces Partnership With BeZero

by Cedric Guzman

Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company™ (Oka), has recently announced its partnership with carbon data firm BeZero. This collaboration aims to enhance Oka’s carbon insurance solutions by integrating BeZero’s carbon project assessment data into their modeling capabilities.

The voluntary carbon market (VCM) is currently facing a critical phase, and Oka aims to strengthen the financial and reputational protections available to corporate buyers of carbon credits. By revolutionizing an industry in crisis, Oka and BeZero’s alliance seeks to bring much-needed trust and transparency to the market.

Chris Slater, Oka’s Founder and CEO, commented on the partnership, stating that by leveraging BeZero’s rating expertise, Oka can seamlessly integrate their underwriting platform with BeZero’s data. This integration will enable Oka to provide customized carbon insurance solutions while fostering trust and transparency within the VCM.

Tommy Ricketts, CEO and co-founder of BeZero Carbon, highlighted the importance of high-quality carbon credits in the net zero transition. By developing insurance frameworks that mitigate and acknowledge risk, confidence in the market can be increased, and climate action can be scaled. Ricketts expressed pride in Oka’s use of the BeZero Carbon Rating to influence their underwriting calculations and strengthen financial protections across the market.

Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company™, is a global INSURTECH100 company, recognized for its industry-shaping innovations. The collaboration with BeZero further solidifies Oka’s position as a leader in the carbon insurance industry.

For more information about Oka and BeZero, interested individuals can visit their websites. Additionally, Oka can be followed on LinkedIn for updates on their latest advancements and initiatives.

Media contact for Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company™ is Chris Slater. For media inquiries, individuals can reach out to Chris Slater via email.

About Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company™:
Oka is a global INSURTECH100 company. More information about Oka’s mission and services can be found on their website.

About BeZero:
BeZero is a carbon data firm that focuses on carbon project assessment and provides valuable data to industry players. Additional details about BeZero can be found on their website.

Source: Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company

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