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Novartis’ Sandoz valued at $11.2 bln in market debut

by Clarence Jones

Sandoz, the generic and biosimilar drugmaker spun off from Novartis, made its market debut on Wednesday with a lower-than-expected valuation of 10.3 billion Swiss francs ($11.2 billion). The company’s shares opened at 24 Swiss francs and became part of various stock market gauges.

Analysts had previously predicted higher valuation estimates for Sandoz. Deutsche Bank had expected the company to be valued at $11-$13 billion, while Berenberg had forecast $17-$26 billion. However, the actual valuation fell short of these predictions.

Sandoz is considered a global leader in generics and biosimilars and accounted for 11% of Novartis’ group operating profit in 2022. The company’s CEO, Vas Narasimhan, expressed confidence in Sandoz’s starting position and its potential for growth.

As part of the spin-off transaction, Novartis shareholders received one Sandoz share for every five Novartis shares they held. The move allows Sandoz to operate as an independent entity and focus on its specific market segment.

Sandoz’s market debut is an important development in the pharmaceutical industry, especially for the generics and biosimilars sector. It will be interesting to see how the company performs and whether it can meet market expectations in the future.

The valuation of Sandoz reflects the current market conditions and investor sentiment. It’s a reminder that even well-established companies may not always achieve the expected valuations when they go public or spin off from their parent companies.

It will be crucial for Sandoz to execute its business strategy effectively and demonstrate its value proposition to investors. As the company operates in a highly competitive industry, it will need to differentiate itself and continue to innovate to maintain its position as a market leader.

Overall, Sandoz’s market debut provides insights into the pharmaceutical industry’s dynamics and the challenges faced by companies in this sector. It will be worth monitoring the company’s performance and growth trajectory in the coming months and years.

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