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Newmark Launches NewliticQuest, an Advanced Analytics Solution to Empower Corporate Portfolio Real Estate Decisions

by Kianna Warburton

Newmark Group, Inc. has announced the launch of NewliticQuest, a platform that offers accelerated insights for commercial real estate strategy, optimization, and planning. Developed by Newmark, a leading commercial real estate adviser and service provider, NewliticQuest combines the company’s expertise in real estate, technology, and consulting onto a single platform.

The platform aims to provide organizations with the tools and information they need to plan for and respond to various business changes, such as disruptive events, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate opportunities. It offers strategic insights, including location and market rate optimization, ideal vacancy rates, talent retention, commute times, and more.

“Newmark is committed to investing in leading-edge technology that drives real decision-making dynamics to define the future of the workplace,” said Rick Bertasi, Chief Executive Officer of Newmark Global Corporate Services. He highlighted how technology advancements can amplify the value and potential of an organization’s real estate strategy as companies shift towards more data-centric cultures.

NewliticQuest offers self-serve capabilities and insights into business and real estate performance through dynamic and simple dashboards, which clients can access directly. The platform’s automated data validation capabilities help users quickly identify and address any data issues to ensure that information is accurate before execution. Additionally, Newmark’s consulting expertise can provide in-depth portfolio assessments and deliver tailored solutions for clients evaluating their portfolios.

Newmark Group, Inc., along with its subsidiaries, is a world leader in commercial real estate, offering a comprehensive suite of services and products tailored to each client’s needs. With a global reach and market intelligence, Newmark serves clients across the industry spectrum, from owners to occupiers, investors to founders, and startups to blue-chip companies. In 2022, Newmark generated revenues of approximately $2.7 billion.

While discussing the launch of NewliticQuest, the article mentions that forward-looking statements about Newmark involve risks and uncertainties. It highlights the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the company’s business, results, financial position, liquidity, and outlook. Newmark undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements and encourages readers to refer to its Securities and Exchange Commission filings for a discussion of additional risks and uncertainties.

In summary, Newmark’s introduction of NewliticQuest provides organizations with an accelerated insights platform to inform their commercial real estate strategies, optimize their portfolios, and plan for future changes and opportunities. With its combination of technological capabilities and consulting expertise, NewliticQuest aims to support clients in making data-driven decisions and achieving optimal results.

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