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New Houston real estate firm Ember poised for big projects

by Kianna Warburton

Houston’s real estate market is set to experience a major shake-up as Concourse Development and Maquina Holdings merge to form a new firm called Ember. The merger, which was finalized on Monday, brings together two prominent real estate companies that have been successful in their respective fields.

Concourse Development, known for its large master-planned communities like Grand Prairie and Windrose Green, will merge with Maquina Holdings, which has invested in luxury high-rises such as the Wilshire, the Lexington, and the Hawthorne. With a focus on land acquisitions and master-planned communities, Concourse Development’s expertise will complement Maquina’s strengths in industrial parks, toll roads, transportation, and financing residential high-rises.

Ember, the new firm created by the merger, will primarily focus on land acquisition and development, industrial projects, and multifamily housing. While the specifics of these projects have not been disclosed, Ember has expressed its intention to collaborate with other firms and has hinted at future multifamily and rail-served industrial projects in the Houston area.

The merger between Concourse and Maquina may come as a surprise to some, but the two firms have actually been building a relationship over the past few years. Their collaboration began around five years ago when Concourse Development supported Maquina in securing entitlements for a property off Interstate 45. This initial success paved the way for joint ventures, leading Maquina to become an equity partner in Concourse’s Grand Prairie and Windrose Green projects.

The decision to merge was a natural progression for both firms. Harry Masterson and Jordan Mack of Concourse Development and Vicente Rangel of Maquina Holdings have been working closely together and have developed a shared vision for the future. The merger will enable them to leverage each other’s expertise and resources to pursue larger and more ambitious projects.

Ember aims to establish a strong presence in the Houston market but also has the potential to expand into other markets. The company will be selective in choosing projects and plans to maintain its distinct quality and style. With the merger, Ember expects its brand to become more recognized as it takes on larger and more prominent developments.

The merger between Concourse Development and Maquina Holdings is an exciting development for the Houston real estate market. The combined expertise and resources of the two firms will bring about significant residential, commercial, and industrial projects that will shape the landscape of Texas. As Ember takes on new ventures, it is poised to become a prominent player in the industry, known for its quality projects and innovative approach.

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