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NASCAR race could bring economic boost for Newton businesses

by Stella Morgan

The city of Newton in Iowa is gearing up for a historic event as the Iowa Speedway is set to host the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series. This will be the first time that the fastest drivers in the country will compete at the fastest short track on the planet. With just under a year to prepare, Newton and its residents are excited about the economic and community impact the race will bring.

As soon as the announcement was made, racing fans from all over started making plans to attend the event. One hotel in particular, the Cobblestone Inn & Suites, saw their 42 rooms sell out within minutes of the announcement. Megan Porter, the general manager of the hotel, described the situation as “crazy” with their phones ringing off the hook. While it’s great for business, Porter emphasizes that the impact of the race goes beyond just their hotel.

“It’s not even just what it does for our business. It’s what it does for our community,” Porter said. The influx of racing fans will benefit various businesses in town, such as the locally-owned Newton Family Restaurant. Emre Bayram, a manager at the restaurant, expressed excitement about the race bringing in out-of-towners and out-of-state visitors.

“NASCAR being a big race, that’s going to bring in a lot of other people, out of towners, out of state, so it’s very exciting,” Bayram said. “We’re ready for it.” In anticipation of the race, the restaurant has already begun brainstorming special signs and promotions to attract customers during the event.

The economic impact of NASCAR events is significant, and Gov. Kim Reynolds highlighted this in a press conference. She stated that on average, a NASCAR event brings in $100 million of economic activity. This is a substantial boost for the small city of Newton, which is eagerly anticipating the financial benefits and exposure that the race will bring.

With the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series set to take place in June, Newton has ample time to prepare for the influx of racing fans and their needs. Local businesses are excited about the potential for increased revenue, and the community as a whole is looking forward to showcasing Newton’s hospitality to visitors from all over the country.

The city is optimistic about the lasting impact of hosting such a renowned racing event. The increased exposure and economic activity will not only benefit businesses in the short term but may also attract future events and opportunities for Newton to further enhance its status as a regional hub for sports and entertainment.

As the countdown begins, Newton is ready to welcome NASCAR fans and create an unforgettable race experience. With the city’s enthusiastic preparation and the support of the community, the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series at the Iowa Speedway promises to be a momentous occasion for Newton and all those involved.

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