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Mortgage scam artist who conned over 120 people ordered back to jail

by Joshua Garcia
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According to the article, Diamond and his associates were charged with running a reverse mortgage scheme, where they allegedly stole over $10 million from mostly elderly, black homeowners on Chicago’s West Side. Diamond pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of wire fraud and was released to home incarceration pending trial.

However, the government now claims that Diamond violated the terms of his release by running his own firm and obtaining $826,000 from customers. The article states that Diamond conned over 120 people into signing over the equity in their homes, under the belief that it was a city-sponsored home repair program.

The government is reportedly working on plea agreements with two of Diamond’s co-defendants, while his trial date has not been set. Additionally, a pending civil complaint seeks to void the victims’ mortgages due to fraudulent procurement.


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