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Monroe County, NY mortgages recorded September 18, 2023

by Joshua Garcia

The Monroe County Clerk’s Office recently released data on mortgages recorded on September 18, 2023. The information provided includes the property addresses, lenders, and loan amounts for each mortgage. This data is useful for those interested in the real estate market in Monroe County.

One noteworthy mortgage is for a property located at 73 Resolute Street, NY. The lender, Lima One Capital LLC, provided a loan amount of $438,900. This suggests that the property is quite valuable, and the borrower, Bostonian Group LLC, must have significant plans for it.

Another mortgage worth mentioning is for a property at 7 Fairfield Drive, Perinton NY. The lender, CNR Holdings LLC, granted a loan of $175,000 to the borrowers, Gabriel Chevere and Noah Chevere. This mortgage indicates a significant investment in real estate in the Perinton area.

The data also includes smaller loans, such as the $72,000 mortgage for a property at 36 Keating Drive, Irondequoit NY. Commercial Lender LLC provided the loan to CNK Holdings LLC.

Additionally, the data includes mortgages for properties in Greece, Pittsford, Brighton, Brockport, Churchville, East Rochester, Mendon, North Chili, Penfield, and Webster.

For instance, a property at 219 Wood Road, Greece NY, obtained a loan of $175,100, while a property at 4 Nature View, Pittsford NY, received a larger loan of $559,200.

These mortgages provide insight into the real estate market in Monroe County. From the data, it is evident that both commercial and residential properties are being financed through various lenders.

Potential homebuyers, real estate agents, and investors can use this information to understand the current trends and overall health of the real estate market in Monroe County. It is important to note that mortgage activity can fluctuate over time, influenced by economic factors and market conditions.

The Monroe County Clerk’s Office continues to provide valuable real estate data that can be used by individuals and organizations interested in the local market. By analyzing this information, stakeholders can make informed decisions and better understand the current state of the real estate landscape in Monroe County.

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