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McDonald’s worker shares secrets in TikTok video

by Mark Mendoza

A recent video posted on TikTok by a McDonald’s worker has revealed some surprising secrets about the fast-food chain. In the video, the user, @blexican_shay83, claims that some of McDonald’s items, such as folded eggs and pancakes, come pre-made in packages.

In the 16-second clip, @blexican_shay83 showcases the folded eggs found in McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches, stating that they are “already made” and simply warmed up before being served. She further demonstrates this by holding up a package of pancakes and stating that they too are pre-made. The user concludes the video by revealing that the burrito mix also arrives at the restaurant pre-made.

This revelation sparked surprise among some TikTok users who were unaware of these practices. One user commented, “Things have changed since I used to work at McDonald’s in 2004. Everything was made, not packaged.” However, others were less surprised, stating that most fast food chains operate in a similar manner to meet customer demands for quick service.

McDonald’s has not yet responded to these allegations, and it remains to be seen if the company will address them. It should be noted that while some customers may be taken aback by these revelations, many fast food chains employ similar practices to ensure speedy service and consistency in their menu items.

Ultimately, consumers have varying expectations when it comes to fast food. Some may prefer freshly made items, while others prioritize convenience. Regardless, this TikTok video has shed light on the behind-the-scenes operations of McDonald’s and sparked a conversation about the fast-food industry as a whole.

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