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Madison Village hands out Madison Means Business awards

by Stella Morgan

Hampton Inn Madison, along with Holiday Inn Express & Suites Madison, and Wild Burrito Mexican Taste & Margarita Bar, have been honored by Madison Village for their contributions to the local economy. The businesses were presented with Madison Means Business awards during a ceremony on the night of Sept. 28.

The Madison Means Business program was created to recognize established businesses in the village that play a vital role in driving economic growth. Village Administrator Dwayne Bailey expressed the importance of acknowledging the efforts of businesses that contribute to the community’s prosperity.

Bailey explained that the idea for the awards stemmed from discussions about the focus on attracting new businesses, which sometimes leads to overlooking those that have been operating and generating revenue consistently. The Madison Means Business awards aim to give credit where it’s due to the businesses that bring jobs and improve the quality of life in the community.

The ceremony took place at Cornerstone Brewing Co., which was a previous recipient of a Madison Means Business award. The event was presided over by Bailey, who highlighted the accomplishments of each winning business.

Hampton Inn Madison, in its four years of operation, has already received two major awards for exceptional guest service. Bailey emphasized the significance of these awards, as they are only granted to a small percentage of all Hampton hotels in the United States.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Madison was recognized for its role in catalyzing commercial growth at the Interstate 90 and Route 528 interchange. Their presence has contributed to the impressive development seen in the area over the past four years.

Despite opening during the COVID-19 pandemic, Wild Burrito Mexican Taste & Margarita Bar persevered and became a beloved establishment in the community. Bailey commended their dedication to bringing authentic Mexican cuisine to Madison and praised their success as a showplace that continues to attract customers.

Bailey mentioned that the three businesses honored at the ceremony all launched their operations within a short span of time in 2019 and 2020. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Madison opened on May 17, 2019, followed by Hampton Inn on September 12, 2019. Wild Burrito opened its doors on June 29, 2020, despite the ongoing challenges posed by the pandemic.

Although the Madison Means Business program was temporarily paused due to the pandemic, it resumed earlier this year with the March awards ceremony. Madison Township, which originally co-hosted the award presentations with the village, reduced its involvement to once per year and has not resumed participating since the pandemic.

Bailey closed the ceremony by expressing his admiration for the award recipients and their contributions to the community. He commended their achievements and expressed his pride on behalf of the village government.

The Madison Means Business awards serve as a reminder of the importance of established businesses and their role in sustaining the local economy. By recognizing and honoring their contributions, Madison Village celebrates the businesses that have made a positive impact on the community and encourages continued growth and prosperity.

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