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Lost Medicaid this year? You can get insurance through Idaho’s subsidized state marketplace

by Cedric Guzman

Idaho Opens Special Enrollment Period for Those Who Lost Medicaid Coverage

Anyone who has lost access to Medicaid in Idaho this year can now enroll in health insurance policies through Your Health Idaho, the state’s insurance exchange. Your Health Idaho has announced a special enrollment period of 90 days for individuals who lost Medicaid as part of the state’s Medicaid unwinding process.

Idaho’s Medicaid unwinding process involves removing individuals who are ineligible for the program after federal law prohibited states from disenrolling people from Medicaid during the pandemic. To assist those who lost their Medicaid coverage, Your Health Idaho previously offered special enrollment periods, allowing individuals to enroll in plans offered on the exchange within 90 days of losing coverage. The new enrollment period extends this opportunity to anyone who lost their Medicaid due to the unwinding process, which began in April.

This special enrollment period is an extension of the previous enrollment periods and will end on November 30. Your Health Idaho Executive Director Pat Kelly encourages Idahoans to take advantage of this opportunity to enroll in quality health coverage that best fits their needs.

Insurance plans through Your Health Idaho will also be available for enrollment during the open enrollment period for policies effective in 2024, from October 15 to December 15. Individuals who enroll in the special enrollment period for 2023 will have their coverage automatically renewed for 2024.

Your Health Idaho also recommends seeking free assistance from brokers or certified agents when enrolling in health insurance plans. Online resources are available to help individuals find and connect with brokers.

Already, 31% of Idahoans removed from Medicaid have received coverage through Your Health Idaho, indicating a high Medicaid to insurance market conversion rate. In addition, more individuals who were removed from Medicaid and enrolled in Your Health Idaho are qualifying for tax credits compared to the overall enrollee population. 98% of unwinding enrollments qualified for tax credits, whereas the overall qualification rate is 89%.

Idaho’s Medicaid unwinding process resulted in approximately 121,000 people being removed from Medicaid out of 153,000 applications processed. Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Director Dave Jeppesen emphasized that extensive efforts were made to reach out to every individual on Medicaid through various communication channels, including mail, text messages, and an online portal.

It is important to note that individuals disenrolled from Medicaid who are still eligible for the program can re-enroll at any time.

The special enrollment period for those who lost Medicaid coverage is a valuable opportunity for individuals to secure health insurance and ensure access to necessary healthcare services. By enrolling through Your Health Idaho, individuals can customize their insurance coverage while also potentially qualifying for tax credits. Don’t miss the chance to protect your health and well-being. Take advantage of the special enrollment period before it ends on November 30.

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