Home Business Live news: US consumers’ inflation expectations fall to 18-month low

Live news: US consumers’ inflation expectations fall to 18-month low

by Stella Morgan

Novartis, the Swiss drugmaker, is set to hold a shareholder vote to determine the future of its Sandoz generics business. The proposal, backed unanimously by the board, would allow Novartis to follow the path of its competitors such as Pfizer and divest its off-patent medicines division. This move aligns with Novartis’ strategy of focusing on higher-value innovative treatments. The Sandoz generics business is valued at up to $25 billion, making it a significant asset to be spun off.

In the UK, concerns about the state of the economy continue to rise as data on insolvencies in England and Wales during August will be published. This data is expected to shed light on the ongoing economic woes facing the country. In addition, the UK experienced a larger contraction than anticipated in July, and the value of mortgages in arrears during the second quarter reached its highest level in seven years. These indicators suggest a challenging economic landscape for the UK.

Meanwhile, in France, air traffic controllers are preparing to go on a nationwide strike over inflation and pay issues. The strike is poised to cause chaos during the second weekend of the Rugby World Cup tournament and could also disrupt flights passing through French airspace to and from other countries. This strike adds to the list of challenges France is facing in terms of labor disputes and social unrest.

On a lighter note, the fashion industry gears up for London Fashion Week, with the twice-yearly showcase set to open at 180 Strand. Over the course of five days, designers such as Bora Aksu, Burberry, JW Anderson, Molly Goddard, and Simone Rocha, among others, will present their collections. London Fashion Week is a prominent event in the industry, attracting global attention and showcasing the creativity and talent of British designers.

In the world of defense, Nato’s chiefs gather in Oslo for their annual Military Committee Conference. This conference serves as a platform for Nato members to discuss and address key defense issues, ensuring the alliance’s readiness and ability to respond to security challenges.

Lastly, the European Central Bank (ECB) is set to hold an informal meeting in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. ECB President Christine Lagarde and the bank’s board will discuss the global economy and appoint a new board member. As the ECB plays a crucial role in shaping monetary policy and maintaining financial stability in the eurozone, these discussions hold significant importance.

Overall, the upcoming events mentioned in this article highlight a diverse range of issues and developments across various sectors. From the pharmaceutical industry and economic indicators to labor disputes, fashion, defense, and monetary policy, these events shape different aspects of our world.

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