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Live news: ECJ fines UK €32mn in show of force over EU withdrawal agreement

by Stella Morgan

Title: A Look at Key Economic Indicators: GDP, Fedspeak, Jobless Claims, Mexico Rates, and Biden’s Speech


As global markets closely monitor economic trends and developments in the United States, several key indicators are set to make headlines in the coming days. These include the release of the final estimate for the second-quarter GDP growth, speeches by important Federal Reserve officials, data on jobless claims, an interest rate announcement by Mexico’s central bank, and a notable speech by US President Joe Biden. Let’s delve into each of these indicators and their potential implications.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

The United States is set to release its final estimate for second-quarter economic growth. Economists polled by LSEG expect the gross domestic product to remain unchanged at 2.1 percent annualized increase, maintaining steady growth. This positive figure demonstrates the resilience of the US economy despite various challenges and provides a favorable outlook for investors.


The Federal Reserve plays a crucial role in shaping the US economy, and speeches by its officials are eagerly anticipated. US Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell is scheduled to speak before educators in Washington, addressing significant economic matters. Simultaneously, Fed Governor Lisa Cook will provide closing remarks at a forum on minorities in banking hosted by the Dallas branch. These speeches are likely to provide insights into the Fed’s perspective on current economic conditions, monetary policy, and potential future actions.

Jobless Claims

Another vital economic indicator is the number of initial claims for state unemployment benefits, which serve as a proxy for layoffs. Despite the Federal Reserve’s attempt to tighten the economy, the labour market has shown remarkable resilience. Economists predict that jobless claims may have risen to 215,000 from the previous week’s 201,000. This marginal increase, if confirmed, would indicate that the US labor market continues to display stability in the face of potential headwinds.

Mexico Rates

Mexico’s central bank is expected to maintain its benchmark interest rate at 11.25 percent. This decision comes after the last rate hike in March. With many central banks around the world recalibrating monetary policies due to varying economic conditions, the Mexican central bank’s decision will be closely watched. A steady interest rate suggests that Mexico’s economic environment remains under control and supports stability in the country’s financial sector.

Biden’s Speech on Democracy

US President Joe Biden’s visit to Arizona will include a noteworthy speech on democracy, paying tribute to the late Senator John McCain, a former Republican presidential nominee. Biden’s speech carries weight as it outlines his administration’s stance on democratic values, both domestically and internationally. The address will be closely scrutinized for policy announcements, potential reflections on global affairs, and strategic insights into the Biden administration’s future trajectory.


These key economic indicators and events on the horizon provide crucial insights into the health of the US economy and its political landscape. The stability of the GDP, Fedspeak, jobless claims, Mexico’s interest rates, and President Joe Biden’s speech will shape market sentiment and investor confidence. As businesses, investors, and policy-makers continue to navigate the post-pandemic era, the analysis of these indicators becomes increasingly important in understanding the trajectory of economic recovery and long-term growth prospects.

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