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L&C Insurance celebrates its 60th anniversary in 1963

by Cedric Guzman

On September 6, 1963, a rather unconventional cement truck made its way to the L&C Tower in Nashville. But it wasn’t delivering cement for a construction project – instead, it was carrying frosting for a massive 60th anniversary cake for Life and Casualty Insurance Co. The icing had been mixed inside the brand new truck and was unloaded into clean barrels used by Becker’s Bakery, the bakery responsible for creating the unique confection.

The cake itself was an impressive creation, weighing in at a colossal 6,485 pounds. It stood at a towering 18 feet and was a scaled-down replica of the L&C Tower. The bakers from Becker’s Bakery meticulously layered cake and icing to create a stunning replica of the iconic building.

The construction of the cake took place in the main lobby of the L&C Tower, allowing onlookers to witness the incredible craftsmanship that went into its creation. The bakers carefully piled layer upon layer of cake, ensuring every detail of the tower was captured. The sheer size and scale of the cake left spectators in awe of its magnificence.

The cake was not only visually stunning but also drew attention due to the unique process involved in its creation. The frosting, mixed inside a cement truck, was a testament to the creativity and resourcefulness of the bakers. It was a nod to the ingenuity and adaptability required in achieving such an extraordinary feat.

The completion of the cake marked the beginning of the celebrations for Life and Casualty Insurance Co.’s 60th anniversary. On September 12, 1963, a grand event was held in the lobby of the L&C Tower to commemorate this milestone. Metro Mayor Beverly Briley and Life and Casualty Insurance Co. President Guilford Dudley Jr. sampled the impressive cake, which served as the centerpiece of the festivities.

Tennessee Governor Frank Clement also attended the celebrations, adding to the significance of the event. He was even given the honor of making the ceremonial first slice of the cake. Swords were used to slice through the towering confection, creating an unforgettable moment for everyone in attendance.

The cake was not only enjoyed by the distinguished guests but also by thousands of visitors who lined up for a slice in the building’s lobby. It became a symbol of the company’s success and longevity, reminding all who beheld it of the achievements and contributions of Life and Casualty Insurance Co.

The 60th anniversary cake was a triumph of culinary artistry and engineering. It showcased the talent and skill of the bakers from Becker’s Bakery, who brought to life a scaled-down version of the L&C Tower using cake and icing. The unique method of mixing the frosting in a cement truck added an extra element of creativity to the project.

This extraordinary cake represented a milestone, not only for the Life and Casualty Insurance Co. but for the community of Nashville as well. It served as a focal point for celebration and became an enduring symbol of the company’s legacy. The 60th anniversary festivities were a testament to the enduring success and impact of Life and Casualty Insurance Co. in the community it served.

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