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Iron Man Expected To Bring Big Economic Impact To Cambridge | Latest News

by Stella Morgan

The Iron Man competition is set to take place in Cambridge, Maryland, attracting athletes from all over the world. This highly anticipated event is expected to bring in millions of dollars to the city, providing a significant boost to the local economy.

Ward 1 commissioner Laurel Atkiss highlights the positive impact of the Iron Man competition, particularly during the end of the summer season when tourism starts to dwindle and temperatures begin to cool. She says, “It’s nice to see an influx of people coming to town.”

Local businesses, such as Ava’s Pizzeria, are thrilled about the competition as it significantly increases their daily profits. William Fleming, the general manager of Ava’s Pizzeria, shares that the turnout for the Iron Man event is incomparable to any other event they host throughout the year. This surge in business enables their staff to make extra money, with some even renting out their homes on platforms like Airbnb.

For many Iron Man athletes, getting a tattoo of the event’s symbol signifies their accomplishment. Choptank Tattoo, a new business in town, is readying their designs in anticipation of the race’s completion. Trevor Howeth, a representative of Choptank Tattoo, expresses their preparedness, stating, “We’ll have some designs ready so we don’t have to spend a bunch of time preparing them while they wait, so we’ll be good to go.”

The impact of the Iron Man competition extends beyond individual businesses. Antonio Illiano, co-owner of the recently opened Thaitalian restaurant, shares how the event has significantly boosted their business since yesterday. Despite being a new establishment in the area, moving to the location in June, Thaitalian has observed a tremendous increase in customers. Illiano hopes that this increase in revenue will help them pay their debts, expand their business, and employ more staff.

The positive effects of the Iron Man competition are not limited to Cambridge alone. City leaders emphasize that the event’s impact reaches beyond the city’s boundaries, benefiting Dorchester County as a whole. The race course stretches wide, bringing athletes to various parts of the county and allowing businesses in different areas to capitalize on the event.

In conclusion, the Iron Man competition is a highly anticipated event in Cambridge that not only serves as a thrilling sporting event but also as a major economic booster for the city and surrounding areas. The influx of athletes and visitors provides a much-needed boost to businesses, allowing them to generate substantial profits and potentially expand their operations. Moreover, the event’s impact goes beyond financial gains, fostering a sense of community and excitement in the region.

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