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How to weigh the pros and cons of buying pet insurance – Orange County Register

by Cedric Guzman

Pet Insurance: Is It Worth the Cost?

Owning a pet comes with its fair share of responsibilities, including providing them with proper healthcare. As a result, many pet owners consider purchasing pet insurance to ensure that their furry friends receive the best medical treatment without causing a significant dent in their wallets. However, the world of pet insurance can be complex and overwhelming, with various providers offering different policies and coverage. So, is pet insurance worth the cost?

The answer largely depends on each individual’s circumstances and priorities. While pet insurance can cover emergency care, cancer treatments, surgeries, and prescriptions, it’s crucial to carefully examine the details of each policy. For instance, some insurance plans may exclude specific breeds or exclude regular exams, which can be costly when considering vaccinations and tests. Additionally, reimbursement limits per year or per diagnosis can also impact the overall value of the insurance.

One factor to consider is the unpredictable nature of pet health. Even if your pet is generally healthy throughout its life, there’s always a chance of unforeseen accidents or illnesses. This uncertainty poses a dilemma for pet owners weighing the decision of whether to insure their pets or pay for potential expenses out of pocket.

Heather Pendley, a pet owner from San Diego, has experienced the ups and downs of pet insurance. While she initially struggled to find a policy that covered everything she wanted for her cat, she eventually opted for insurance for her two dogs. However, as her dogs aged, the premiums became increasingly expensive. Nevertheless, she firmly believes that pet insurance is worth the cost and pays $70 per month for her two dogs.

According to a 2022 Forbes Advisor survey, 42 percent of pet owners stated that they would struggle to cover a surprise vet bill of $999 or less. This financial concern could be a contributing factor to the increasing number of pet owners who insure their pets. The North American Pet Insurance Association reports a 22 percent increase in owners insuring their pets since 2018, with dogs being the majority of insured pets.

When considering pet insurance, it’s crucial to compare policies from various companies and read the fine print. Seeking advice from your veterinarian and consulting pet-loving friends about their insurance experiences can also be beneficial. Online resources such as Pet Insurance Review and Pawlicy Advisor provide comprehensive information and reviews on pet insurance companies.

Factors that influence the pricing of pet insurance include a pet’s age (older pets are more expensive to insure), breed (some have hereditary factors increasing the likelihood of illness), location (some states have higher insurance costs), preexisting conditions, and the number of pets being covered. Premiums, deductibles, and benefit caps play a significant role in determining the overall value of insurance coverage.

According to Michael Thompson, founder and lead veterinarian at Pets Food Safety, insurance providers often offer customizable plans that allow pet owners to choose coverage based on their needs and budget. However, it’s essential to calculate the costs versus the potential savings. While insurance provides financial confidence for making the best decisions for pets, the higher costs of wellness care can offset any savings.

Experts generally recommend taking out pet insurance policies when pets are young and healthy. Premiums are usually lower for younger animals, and preexisting conditions that may exclude future payments are unlikely. However, for high-earning individuals with substantial savings, it may be more financially prudent to forgo insurance and maintain an emergency pet care fund.

Ultimately, pet insurance is similar to any other form of insurance. While no one wants to pay premiums, having the right coverage can alleviate the financial burden when faced with unexpected veterinary expenses. It’s crucial to assess personal circumstances and priorities to determine whether pet insurance is worth the cost.

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