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House Crypto Market Structure Deregulation Raises Serious Questions About Investor, Consumer, Markets, and Financial Stability Protections

by Janine Lindsey

As the crypto market continues to gain popularity, questions are being raised regarding the legislation surrounding its structure. Better Markets, a non-profit and non-partisan organization, recently sent a letter to the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives, highlighting concerns about certain provisions in the crypto market structure legislation.

Dennis Kelleher, the Cofounder, President, and CEO of Better Markets, emphasized the need to consider the impact of these provisions on investor and consumer protections, as well as on financial stability. Whether one supports or opposes the legislation, it is important to address these key issues and ensure a well-informed debate.

The crux of the matter lies in the potential risks posed to the reputation of U.S. capital markets. These markets have earned their preeminent status by being well-regulated and offering a safe haven for investors. The proposed legislation could potentially expose investors to crypto fraud and deception, putting their investments and the reputation of the markets at risk. It is crucial to thoroughly examine any regulatory measure related to cryptocurrencies to prevent any false sense of security that might attract unsuspecting investors.

Many efforts to establish a regulatory system for cryptocurrencies seem promising on the surface, but upon closer examination, they reveal flaws such as loopholes, exclusions, ambiguities, inadequate funding, or unclear authorities. These shortcomings undermine any genuine oversight or regulation. By enacting weak and loophole-ridden regulations, the legislation would essentially lead to de facto deregulation. This risks catastrophic consequences for investors and the financial markets.

The analogy used by Kelleher highlights the importance of investor confidence and trust. Having lost trillions of dollars over the past 14 years due to deceit, fraud, manipulation, theft, and other illegal activities in the financial industry, it is essential to scrutinize any crypto proposal carefully. The potential consequences of poorly drafted legislation could harm both the golden goose (the well-regulated markets) and the golden egg (a thriving economy fueled by these markets).

The full letter sent by Better Markets to the U.S. House of Representatives can be found on their website. Better Markets aims to support the public interest in financial markets, advocate for financial reform, and ensure a financial system that works for all Americans. Their goal is to collaborate with finance industry stakeholders to promote pro-market, pro-business, and pro-growth policies that strengthen and safeguard the financial system.

To learn more about Better Markets and their work, visit their website. In an age where cryptocurrencies are gaining traction and financial legislation remains a crucial aspect of safeguarding investors’ interests, organizations like Better Markets play a vital role in advocating for responsible regulations and protecting the integrity of financial markets.

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