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Holiday illness toddler stuck in Portugal amid insurance delay

by Cedric Guzman

Title: Two-Year-Old Boy Stranded in Hospital Abroad Due to Insurance Delays


A two-year-old boy from Maesteg, Bridgend county, is currently undergoing treatment for a virus attacking his brain in a hospital in Portugal. However, his family is facing immense difficulty in bringing him back to Wales for further medical help. The insurance company responsible for arranging the transportation has reportedly been causing unwarranted delays, leaving the child’s parents worried about his deteriorating condition. This article explores the heart-wrenching situation faced by Theo Jones and his family and sheds light on the need for a swift resolution from AXA Partners insurance company.

The Tale of Theo Jones:

Theo Jones fell ill with a virus during a family vacation in Portugal on September 13. Initially thought to be a stomach flu, an MRI scan later revealed a severe problem in Theo’s cerebellum, a vital part of the brain. His parents, Jordan Davies and Catriona Aitken, were informed that he required hospitalization in Cardiff. The doctors approved his transfer by medical plane, but insurance company delays have prevented Theo from receiving the necessary medical assistance.

The Frustration and Worries of the Family:

Theo’s parents are immensely distressed, as their beloved son has lost crucial abilities such as speaking, sitting, and walking. Doctors in Portugal suspect the virus responsible for attacking Theo’s brain. The family promptly contacted the University Hospital Wales in Cardiff, which agreed to accept the transfer. However, the subsequent delays caused by AXA Partners insurance company have further heightened their concerns.

The Insurance Company’s Role and Delays:

Sarah Jones, Theo’s mother, states that while AXA Partners insurance company initially acknowledged the urgency of the case, they have failed to provide any updates since receiving the medical report. Sarah even resorted to asking her taxi driver to translate some documents, as the insurance company claimed to have no available translator. Despite Theo’s stable condition, AXA is allegedly requesting an additional two days before deciding whether to proceed with the transportation. This illogical delay only increases the risk of deterioration in Theo’s condition.

Desperate Pleas for Swift Action:

Sarah expresses her frustration at being unable to communicate directly with the decision-makers at AXA. She highlights the company’s lack of responsiveness and urges them to take prompt action. The family has insurance coverage, and AXA has accepted responsibility for Theo’s case, making the prolonged delays even more distressing for them. Sarah pleads for the insurance company to fulfill its duty promptly and not let Theo suffer unnecessarily.


The heart-wrenching ordeal faced by Theo Jones and his family highlights the critical need for insurance companies to handle emergency cases with utmost urgency and efficiency. Time is of the essence when a child’s health is at stake, and delays caused by bureaucratic procedures can have severe consequences. It is hoped that AXA Partners insurance company will recognize the urgency of Theo’s case and take immediate action to ensure his safe return to Wales.

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