Home Insurance Grandmother says satellite dish damaged McDonough home

Grandmother says satellite dish damaged McDonough home

by Cedric Guzman

Title: McDonough Homeowner Struggles to Get Assistance for Water Damage Caused by DirecTV Satellite Installation

Debbie Watson, a resident of McDonough, Georgia, was overjoyed when she found her dream home. However, her excitement turned to dismay when she discovered extensive water damage amounting to $10,000 on the side of her house. Watson traced the source of the damage back to a satellite installation carried out by DirecTV seven years prior. Despite her efforts to seek compensation, both DirecTV and her home insurance provider have denied her claims. Now, Watson is left grappling with the financial burden and a deteriorating home.

The Investigation:
Watson revealed that the water damage on the side of her house was attributed to the improper installation of the satellite dish. Rainwater runs down the cord from the satellite to her home, exacerbating the problem. Faced with this issue, Watson turned to DirecTV for help in March 2022. She provided a detailed explanation, photographs of the damage, and an estimate of the repair costs. However, to her disappointment, DirecTV denied her claim, stating that there was no evidence of negligence or any indication that their technician was responsible for the damage.

The Insurance Denial:
In a desperate attempt to resolve the matter, Watson sought assistance from her home insurance provider. However, her claim was also denied. The insurance company’s investigation concluded that the water damage resulted from the improper installation of the satellite dish, confirming Watson’s suspicions. Despite her diligent efforts in pursuing a resolution, she found herself trapped in a frustrating cycle of denial.

The Senior’s Plight:
Debbie Watson’s frustration is compounded by her status as a senior citizen. As she explains, she lacks the financial resources to independently address the severe damage to her home. Watson firmly believes that DirecTV should take responsibility for rectifying the harm their satellite installation caused, asserting, “It’s their responsibility to make good what they did to my house.”

Quest for a Resolution:
When approached for comment, DirecTV acknowledged being aware of Watson’s predicament and assured that they are actively working towards a resolution. Watson, however, remains hopeful yet anxious about the timeline, as she worries that further delays may worsen the existing damage and increase the costs of repair. Her primary concern remains fixing her home and bringing an end to the ongoing nightmare she has endured.

Debbie Watson’s experience highlights the challenges faced by homeowners when dealing with damage caused by service providers. Despite evidence indicating DirecTV’s responsibility for the water damage, Watson’s claims have been met with denial from both the company and her insurance provider. For Watson, this prolonged ordeal has not only drained her financially but also tested her patience and left her living in a house steadily deteriorating from water damage. It is our hope that DirecTV and Watson’s insurance provider will expedite the resolution process, thus offering her some much-needed relief, both financially and emotionally.

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