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Governor Abbott Touts Economic Wins Of 88th Legislature In Sherman | Office of the Texas Governor

by Stella Morgan

Governor Greg Abbott Praises Texas’ Pro-Economic Development Achievements during Fireside Chat

September 19, 2023 | Austin, Texas – Governor Greg Abbott commended the pro-economic development accomplishments made by the 88th Legislature that will ensure Texas remains the economic powerhouse of America. During a fireside chat at the 2nd Annual Sherman Mayor’s Economic Roundtable, the Governor discussed the importance of freedom and opportunity in attracting businesses and individuals to the state.

“People come to Texas because we offer the freedom and opportunity you can’t get anywhere else,” said Governor Abbott. “That includes the freedom from government overreach, high taxes, and burdensome red tape. That is why the Texas economy is booming.”

Governor Abbott highlighted the significant contributions made by local economic development organizations in Texas’ remarkable economy. He praised the success of business leaders in Grayson County who have fostered an environment conducive to business development in the area. The Governor also outlined several pro-business legislative victories signed into law during the 88th Legislative Sessions.

One of the key achievements mentioned by Governor Abbott was delivering the largest property tax cut in Texas history. This tax cut will provide relief to homeowners and spur further economic growth in the state. In addition, the Governor emphasized the importance of reducing regulations that hinder businesses operating in multiple cities across the state. By streamlining bureaucracy, Texas aims to facilitate the growth and success of businesses, both large and small.

Furthermore, the Governor highlighted the state’s commitment to bolstering infrastructure projects to accommodate the growing population. By investing in infrastructure, Texas ensures that businesses have the necessary resources to thrive and that residents can enjoy a high standard of living.

Governor Abbott also emphasized the importance of preparing students for the workforce of the future. By supporting more work-based learning opportunities, Texas aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge required in the evolving job market. This investment in education and workforce development will contribute to the long-term economic success of the state.

Overall, Governor Abbott’s fireside chat underscored Texas’ commitment to fostering an environment that encourages entrepreneurship, business growth, and innovation. By prioritizing freedom, low taxes, reduced regulations, and investment in key areas such as infrastructure and education, Texas remains a top destination for businesses and individuals seeking economic opportunities.

As the economic engine of America, Texas continues to attract businesses and individuals who recognize the state’s dedication to economic prosperity and success. Governor Abbott and the 88th Legislature have shown their commitment to maintaining Texas’ exceptional economic growth, ensuring that the Lone Star State remains at the forefront of innovation, opportunity, and economic prosperity.

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