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Goodridge Seeking Reelection To Board of Finance

by Paul Morgan

Title: Steve Goodridge Seeks Reelection to Newtown Board of Finance

Date: Sep 28, 2023

Newtown resident Steve Goodridge has announced his intention to run for reelection to the Board of Finance. With a long-standing connection to the town and extensive experience in financial matters, Goodridge is committed to upholding the best interests of Newtown’s residents.

Having lived in Newtown for 50 years, Goodridge is deeply rooted in the community and possesses a firsthand understanding of its needs and aspirations. He grew up attending Newtown schools and raised his own two sons within the town’s education system. This unique perspective enables him to effectively advocate for the community and implement policies that benefit all residents.

Over the past two years, Goodridge has served as a dedicated member of the Board of Finance. In recognition of his expertise and commitment, he has been selected to various committees, including Teachers Contract Negotiations, BOE CFF/CIP, Recycling Committee, and BOE Administrators Contract Negotiations. His involvement in these critical areas demonstrates his desire to contribute to the overall growth and prosperity of Newtown.

Acknowledging the privilege of serving the town, Goodridge vows to continue his efforts in the coming years. He appreciates the trust placed in him by the residents and remains steadfast in his commitment to making decisions that are fiscally responsible and in line with the town’s best interests.

Drawing on his experience from the previous two years, Goodridge looks forward to employing his knowledge and insights to ensure Newtown’s continued progress. Supporting sustainable development and financial prudence, he aims to strike a harmonious balance between growth and fiscal responsibility.

In light of the upcoming November 7th elections, Goodridge kindly requests the community’s support. By casting their votes in his favor, residents will help ensure Newtown’s ongoing prosperity under his steadfast leadership.

In conclusion, Steve Goodridge’s candidacy for reelection to the Board of Finance offers Newtown an opportunity to benefit from his extensive experience, commitment, and dedication to the town’s growth. By entrusting him with their votes, residents can continue to rest assured that their financial well-being is in capable hands. Together, with the support of Newtown’s community, Goodridge strives to build a brighter future for the town.

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Steve Goodridge is running for reelection to the Board of Finance. Read more about his plans for the community.

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