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Generac recalls around 64,000 generators in amid hurricane season

by Mark Mendoza

Generac, a leading manufacturer of power systems, has recently issued a recall for approximately 64,000 of its portable generators. The recall is due to the risk of fire and burns associated with the product. As communities across the United States continue to face power outages caused by hurricanes, the company is taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of its customers.

The affected generators, specifically the GP15000E and GP17500E units, have fuel tanks that may fail to vent adequately. This can lead to the buildup of excess fuel vapor pressure when operating under high ambient temperatures, which can then be expelled when the tank is opened. This poses a significant fire and burn hazard to users of the generators.

Generac has announced that it has developed a repair kit that is available free of charge to consumers. The company is urging all owners of the affected portable generators to immediately stop using them and to contact Generac for the repair kit. The repair kit will address the ventilating issue and ensure the safe operation of the generators.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has also issued a statement regarding the recall. The commission reported that there have been more than two dozen incidents of the generators overheating and pressurizing or expelling fuel when opened. Several of these incidents resulted in severe burn injuries. In light of these potential hazards, the commission advises consumers to discontinue the use of the recalled generators and to contact Generac to arrange for the repair kit.

The generators in question were sold at major home improvement and hardware stores in the United States and Canada from April 2011 through June 2023. The price range for these generators was between $3,300 and $3,650. Generac has apologized for any inconvenience caused by the recall and emphasizes the importance of safety in its products.

This recall comes at a time when many people rely on portable generators during the hurricane season. Hurricanes often cause extensive power outages, and generators serve as a vital source of electricity for affected households. However, it is essential to ensure that these generators are safe to use to prevent any accidents or injuries.

The current hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 and has already seen significant activity across the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea. Many areas are still recovering from the impact of recent storms, and the need for reliable and safe power sources is crucial.

Generac’s recall serves as a reminder for consumers to prioritize safety when using portable generators. It is essential to heed manufacturer’s warnings, follow proper usage guidelines, and promptly address any recalls or safety concerns. By taking these precautions, individuals can protect themselves and their homes during power outages and other emergency situations.

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