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Geneos Therapeutics Closes its Series A3 Financing With Investment of $5 Million

by Janessa Lee

Geneos Therapeutics, a clinical stage biotherapeutics company, has announced the completion of its Series A3 financing round with an additional investment of $5 million, bringing the total investment to $10 million. The new investment comes from Shanghai Healthcare Capital (SHC), which has been added to Geneos’ investor syndicate.

The addition of SHC to Geneos’ investor syndicate is seen as a positive development for the company. Dr. Jing Bao, a partner of SHC, will join as a board observer and bring extensive expertise in the pharmaceutical industry and global clinical trials. Geneos Therapeutics believes that SHC’s knowledge and network in China will be invaluable as the company focuses on hepatocellular (liver) cancer as its initial target.

Niranjan Sardesai, PhD., president and CEO of Geneos Therapeutics, expressed his pleasure in adding SHC to the investor syndicate and Dr. Bao to the team. He stated that the depth of knowledge and network that SHC brings will be valuable to Geneos as they pursue their goals.

Dr. Jing Bao, partner of SHC, expressed support for Geneos’ innovative treatment. He mentioned that the results achieved by Geneos so far with its personalized therapeutic cancer vaccine are impressive. Dr. Bao believes that Geneos’ treatment has the potential to be an important and effective treatment for cancer.

The funding from the Series A3 financing round will be used to fund the completion of the Phase 1b/2a GT-30 Program. This program aims to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Geneos’ personalized therapeutic cancer vaccine in combination with an immune checkpoint inhibitor in patients with unresectable or metastatic liver cancer. The top-line safety and clinical response data from the study is expected to be available by the end of the year.

Geneos Therapeutics is a clinical stage biotherapeutics company that focuses on developing personalized therapeutic cancer vaccines using its proprietary GT-EPIC™ platform. The company aims to target neoantigens from individual patient tumors to develop personalized treatments for cancer. Geneos’ experienced management team has a track record of success in building immunotherapy-based companies.

Shanghai Healthcare Capital (SHC) is a leading investment platform in the life science industry based in Shanghai and Hong Kong. With a fund scale of around $7 billion, SHC focuses on breakthrough biologics, innovative chemical drugs, high-end medical devices and diagnostics, and innovative business platforms. The aim is to assist Shanghai in establishing a top-tier biomedical research and development center and manufacturing center in the world.

Overall, the addition of SHC to Geneos’ investor syndicate and the completion of the Series A3 financing round provides important support and funding for the development of Geneos’ personalized therapeutic cancer vaccine. The company’s focus on liver cancer and its innovative approach have the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment and provide hope for patients in need.

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