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Flexport loses CFO, HR chief weeks after ouster of CEO Dave Clark

by Mark Mendoza

Flexport, the supply chain software startup, continues to experience significant changes in its leadership team. Just three weeks after founder Ryan Petersen took over as CEO, the company has now ousted its chief financial officer (CFO) and seen its human resources chief resign.

According to sources familiar with the situation, CFO Kenny Wagers was informed last week that he would be let go. His last day at Flexport is set for Friday. The company has not provided specific details on the reasons behind this decision.

To fill the vacant position, Stuart Leung, Flexport’s head of finance, is expected to be named as the new CFO. Leung, who has been with the company for seven years, is known to have held various senior roles in operations, logistics, and finance. He is considered a close confidant of Ryan Petersen.

This latest personnel change comes after the recent firing of former CEO Dave Clark, who was replaced by Petersen. Clark, a former Amazon executive, was hired by Petersen a year ago to lead Flexport towards an initial public offering (IPO).

Clark and Petersen initially worked as co-CEOs, but Clark eventually took over as sole CEO earlier this year. However, their partnership did not last long, and Petersen reclaimed the top position in early September.

In addition to Wagers’ departure, Flexport’s vice president of people tech and employee experience, Jennifer Boden, has also decided to leave the company. Boden had only recently taken over the role, following the departure of her predecessor Darcie Henry.

Flexport has confirmed these personnel changes but did not comment on any possible layoffs. However, it is worth noting that the company is reportedly in cost-cutting mode, and further layoffs are expected in the coming weeks.

Despite experiencing significant leadership changes, Flexport continues to be a prominent player in the supply chain industry. Founded in 2013 as a digitally focused freight forwarder, the company has evolved into an end-to-end supply chain services provider.

Flexport recently acquired fulfillment provider Deliverr from Shopify, further expanding its capabilities. The company has received substantial investment from prominent firms such as Founders Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, and SoftBank.

However, like many businesses in the global logistics industry, Flexport has faced challenges due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The slump in global freight movements has affected the company’s operations and led to a need for cost-cutting measures.

It remains to be seen how these leadership changes will impact Flexport’s future direction and its efforts to achieve profitability and growth. With Ryan Petersen back at the helm, the company may undergo further restructuring to ensure its long-term success in a highly competitive industry.

Overall, Flexport’s recent personnel shake-up highlights the ongoing challenges and changes in the supply chain sector. As companies navigate the complexities of global logistics, effective leadership and adaptability will play essential roles in determining their success.

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