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Finegold Alexander Announces Completion of Lower Basin Barracks

by Kianna Warburton

Finegold Alexander Architects recently announced the completion of the Lower Basin Barracks in Boston. This project involved the renovation and addition to the historic Charles River Lower Locks Gate House, resulting in a 15,000 square foot facility that will house the State Police-Boston and State Police-Brighton Barracks.

The project team worked closely with various organizations, including the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, Massachusetts State Police, and the Division of Conservation and Recreation. Extensive public outreach was also conducted to ensure that the design of the facility would fulfill both functional and aesthetic requirements.

The Lower Basin Barracks, located in the Lower Charles River Basin, holds a prominent position on the National Register of Historic Places. As the only state police facility in Boston, it will play a vital role in serving the community and fulfilling the mission requirements of the Massachusetts State Police.

The renovation of the existing historic building included several improvements such as a new insulated roof, façade restoration, energy-efficient and secure glazing, and a complete interior gut renovation. The interiors now feature an expansive detention area, office spaces, a fitness area filled with natural light, and a locker room. Additionally, a new public lobby was added, which provides access to public toilet facilities and a multi-purpose community room. The community room will function as a shared space, offering a range of services to support the local community and enhance its quality of life.

A key focus of the design was to improve and expand upon the greenery of the site. Throughout its past uses, the historic greenery had been lost, so Finegold Alexander Architects implemented landscaping plans to reinstate the green space. The implementation of the green areas is expected to be completed by summer.

As specialists in historic preservation, Finegold Alexander Architects enthusiastically took on this project to breathe new life into the space. Their goal was to engage the community and the Massachusetts State Police through the design, creating a space that is effective and updated while maintaining the building’s historic identity.

Finegold Alexander Architects has an extensive portfolio of civic projects across the New England region. Some notable projects include the Lowell Justice Center, Fall River Justice Center in Fall River, the Massachusetts State House – Executive Offices of the Governor in Boston, and the Boston City Hall Council Chambers. Their expertise in historic preservation and civic design made them the perfect choice to lead the Lower Basin Barracks project.

The completion of the Lower Basin Barracks marks an important milestone for the Massachusetts State Police and the community of Boston. This facility will not only provide essential resources and space for law enforcement operations, but it will also serve as a historic landmark and a symbol of community engagement and support.

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