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Finance titans meet with Ukraine’s Zelenskiy at JPMorgan offices in New York -sources

by Paul Morgan

Prominent business leaders and hedge fund managers met with Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskiy at the JPMorgan Chase offices in New York on Wednesday, according to sources. The meeting, organized by the bank, took place shortly after Zelenskiy addressed the United Nations Security Council regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Among those in attendance were hedge fund managers Ken Griffin and Bill Ackman, New England Patriots CEO Robert Kraft, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, and former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss investment opportunities in Ukraine, as the country seeks financial support to rebuild and recover from the consequences of the invasion. Ukraine has been actively seeking support from business leaders to help in its efforts. Griffin and Ackman, both influential figures in the financial industry, have previously shown their support for Ukraine. Ackman, whose great-grandfather emigrated from Ukraine to the United States, pledged $3.25 million in February to purchase ambulances for the country. Griffin, on the other hand, pledged last year to donate $3 million for scholarships to support Ukrainian students studying science, technology, engineering, and math.

The involvement of these influential business leaders and hedge fund managers in Ukraine’s recovery efforts highlights the importance of private sector support in rebuilding countries affected by conflict. With the fighting in Ukraine entering its second winter and global attention potentially diminishing as the U.S. presidential election draws near, the support from these leaders is crucial in sustaining international interest and aid.

Howard Buffett, son of renowned investor Warren Buffett, also expressed his willingness to increase his support for Ukraine to prevent “Ukraine fatigue” among other donors. His commitment reflects the significance of long-term support and ensuring sustainability in rebuilding efforts.

While representatives for Griffin, Ackman, and the Ukrainian government did not immediately comment on the meeting, the involvement of these esteemed figures demonstrates their commitment to supporting Ukraine’s recovery. The meeting at JPMorgan Chase serves as a significant step towards securing additional financial support for the country, as efforts to rebuild and recover continue.

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