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Fannie Mae expands Hispanic homebuyer education outreach

by Joshua Garcia

Fannie Mae, one of the largest mortgage lenders in the United States, is addressing the language barriers faced by Hispanic-Americans in the homebuying process. The company has announced the launch of HomeView en Español, a Spanish-language digital education platform that provides information on financial literacy and homeownership. This initiative aims to help Latino consumers overcome language obstacles and navigate the homebuying journey more effectively.

According to a survey conducted by Maxwell, nearly one-quarter of Hispanic-Americans stated that language was a significant impediment when looking for a home to buy. This challenge often leads to frustration and can cause potential homebuyers to abandon their search altogether. Fannie Mae’s HomeView en Español seeks to address this issue by providing accessible educational resources in Spanish.

The program is available 24/7 and can be accessed via desktop, mobile, or tablet. Users can go through the course at their own pace or work with a trusted advisor. HomeView en Español offers interactive content, including short quizzes and audio clips, to ensure users can retain the material effectively.

Fannie Mae CEO Priscilla Almodovar highlighted the importance of homeownership education and down payment assistance in supporting the Latino community. The company aims to help people not only enter the housing market but also remain in their homes for the long term. By offering resources tailored to the specific needs of Latino consumers, Fannie Mae hopes to empower individuals and families to become successful homeowners.

In addition to the education program, Fannie Mae has expanded access to its special purpose credit program. This pilot initiative provides down payment assistance to eligible first-time homebuyers living in majority-Latino communities in select cities. Fannie Mae plans to extend this program to additional cities with large Latino populations in the near future.

The need to address housing challenges within the Latino community is becoming increasingly crucial. Fannie Mae cited data from the Urban Institute, indicating that 70% of net-new homeowners between 2020 and 2040 will be Hispanic. By proactively offering Spanish-language resources and initiatives aimed at supporting Latino homebuyers, Fannie Mae aims to ensure sustainable and responsible housing opportunities for the growing Hispanic population.

Since March 1, all loans sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac require the inclusion of the Supplemental Consumer Information Form. This form allows the enterprises to measure the share of customers with limited English proficiency and provides important insights into language barriers faced by homebuyers. The form is available in six languages, including Spanish, underscoring the commitment of these institutions to serve diverse communities.

Fannie Mae’s HomeView program was initially launched in 2022 and has already been completed by over 340,000 people. The addition of HomeView en Español reinforces the company’s dedication to providing comprehensive and accessible resources to support homeownership.

Looking ahead, Fannie Mae has announced plans to make further enhancements to the original HomeView program in 2024. These enhancements will likely include updates to address evolving market needs and ensure that the program remains aligned with the changing landscape of homeownership.

By expanding homeownership opportunities and providing Spanish-language educational resources, Fannie Mae is taking a significant step towards promoting equal access to housing for the Hispanic-American community. With the support and commitment of industry players like Fannie Mae, it is possible to overcome the obstacles faced by Latino homebuyers and create a more inclusive and sustainable housing market.

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