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Family without answers after model found murdered in downtown L.A. apartment

by Kianna Warburton

The loved ones of Maleesa Mooney, a model who was brutally murdered in her downtown Los Angeles apartment, are still reeling from the tragic incident and are frustrated with the lack of answers surrounding her death. Mooney, 31, was found dead nearly a month ago, and her family has not received any information regarding the potential suspect or the progress of the investigation.

Jourdin Pauline, Mooney’s sister, expressed her distress over the situation, stating that the lack of information is causing immense stress. With no suspect information being released, Pauline explained that she has created numerous scenarios in her head about what could have happened to her sister. The family has been constantly left in the dark, desperately seeking answers about Mooney’s murder.

Mooney, an expectant mother and aspiring model and real estate agent, was found dead in her apartment on South Figueroa Street. The cause of her death has been deferred by the medical examiner, due to the severity of injuries inflicted upon her. Pauline believes that her sister was so badly beaten that it has been difficult to determine the exact cause of death. Tragically, Mooney’s unborn baby also lost their life during the incident.

Mooney’s case is not the only one that has left families devastated and seeking answers. Nichole Coats, another aspiring model, was found dead two days before Mooney in her downtown Los Angeles apartment. The two women were found within three miles of each other, which has raised concerns about a potential connection between the cases. However, little is known about Coats’ case as well, and her family has been left without any updates or news from investigators.

The Los Angeles Police Department has stated that they do not believe the cases are related, despite the similarities in the victims’ locations, ages, professions, and manners of death. However, the lack of information surrounding both cases has been incredibly difficult for the families to bear. They are desperately seeking justice and closure for their loved ones.

When asked what they want most from the police at this point, both families emphasized the need for urgency. They want answers and are frustrated with the perceived lack of progress in the investigation. They believe that with all the technological advancements available, there should be more concrete leads and information to provide to the families.

The families of Maleesa Mooney and Nichole Coats are still grappling with the devastating loss of their loved ones. As time passes without any significant developments or answers from the police, their frustration and anguish continue to grow. They hope that the authorities will prioritize these cases and provide the closure they so desperately seek. In the meantime, they cling to each other for support and pray that justice will eventually be served.

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