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Education: a catalytic investment for development. Providing youth with the freedom to build their future

by Janessa Lee

Investing in Education for a Safer and Prosperous Future

At the margins of the UN General Assembly’s 2023 High-Level Week, a significant discussion is set to take place. The Permanent Mission of Italy to the UN, in partnership with the Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, UNESCO, the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), AVSI Foundation, and the Group of Friends for Education and Lifelong Learning, will be convening to explore the value of investing in education.

The focus of this discussion is on building a safer and more prosperous future for all, with particular attention given to children who are at risk of being left behind in situations of crisis. It is a well-known fact that education is a powerful tool for empowerment, and when children are denied access to it, they face numerous challenges that can hinder their overall development and well-being.

AVSI Foundation and GPE, both esteemed organizations in the field of education, will take center stage during the conversation. The discussion will highlight AVSI Foundation’s crucial work in Africa, where they have been dedicated to improving access to quality education for vulnerable children. Their initiatives aim to ensure that no child is denied their right to education and that they are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive.

GPE, on the other hand, has a broader mission to strengthen educational systems in partner countries, primarily in the regions of Sahel and the Horn of Africa. By partnering with governments, civil society organizations, and international stakeholders, GPE endeavors to facilitate access to quality education and support countries in building sustainable education systems.

The significance of investing in education cannot be overstated. Education not only equips individuals with knowledge and skills but also empowers them to break free from the cycle of poverty and exclusion. It plays a crucial role in promoting social cohesion, fostering democratic values, and building resilient societies.

Children living in crisis situations are among the most vulnerable and in need of support. Conflict, displacement, and other emergencies disrupt their access to education, leaving them at risk of further marginalization and limited opportunities. By investing in education for these children, we can provide them with a lifeline, a chance for a brighter future, and contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty and inequality.

With the global COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating existing educational inequalities, now more than ever, investing in education is crucial. The disruptions caused by the pandemic have highlighted the urgent need to strengthen and adapt education systems to ensure that no child is left behind.

The upcoming discussion serves as a platform to raise awareness among world leaders and stakeholders about the value of investing in education. It is an opportunity to mobilize resources and commitments to support initiatives like AVSI Foundation and GPE, which are working tirelessly to ensure that education remains a priority even in times of crisis.

By investing in education, we invest in the future. We empower children and young people to realize their full potential, contribute to their communities and societies, and pave the way for a more inclusive and sustainable world. It is a collective responsibility to build a safer and prosperous future, and education is the key to unlocking that future for all.

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